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It is simple mistake-modern furniture means the same thing, does not it? It is not just correct. Every style is a product of different inspirations and eras of time. However, the current confusion between the two is now all too clear.

What are modern furniture design characteristics?

What distinguishes modern furniture design?  The modernist movement arose in the Bauhaus School of Design at the beginning of the 20th century, belonging to a particular style. The modern furniture designs from B2C Furniture are a rebellion against his elaborate designs. Now think about the difference. You think of modernity. The modernist concept supports a clear, simple aesthetic. Its core principles are:  

  • Minimalist design,  
  • Glazed surface,  
  • Smooth straight lines,  
  • Warm neutral colors, with vibrant colors,
  • Materials contain wood and metal.

Modern to contemporary:

The designers and manufacturers like B2C Furniture of modern furniture continue to improve their designs. However, they are looking for new materials that use the simplicity and lightness of shapes instead of heavy decorations to create unusual shapes. Go beyond what they did before and create a contemporary visual experience for us. Before 1960, the design that inspired this paradigm shift was created in the middle of the 20th century. However, they are still regarded as modern symbols internationally. , Now and even in the future. Contemporary classic furniture is a symbol of sophistication and elegance.

Materials used in modern furniture:

These new designs use new materials, such as stainless steel in many forms, the glass used by Walter Gropius, a molten metal used by Charles and Reims, and plastic. Unlike before, you will become a pioneer, even a shocking person. Dealing with new and creative materials and craftsmanship has led to a particular mix of technical and artistic professions. It has become a working ideology among the members of Deutscher Werkbund. It is a global art and design organization sponsored by the government.

Therefore, many active members of the Bauhaus School have participated, including Mies van der Rohe, Lily Reich, and many others. So it is not surprising that the Bauhaus School adopts this ideology. It can be mass-produced, making it easier for the public to obtain good designs.

Transitional furniture:

Not all of the furniture was made as it is in this period because there are still many typical designs on the market today. And of course, there is the entire designer’s career in the middle is called transitional design. There is no attempt to combine different styles of components, whether they are very modern or old. It usually consists of visual references in traditional and modern as well as classical Greek and non-Western forms.

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