Bathroom Refurbishment – How to Plan One Properly?

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It can be a challenge to give your bathroom space a makeover. First of all, it can be quite tough for you to understand where you should actually start. Here is a guide on how you can plan a Bathroom Refurbishment Geelong in a proper way.

Get ideas, ideas and ideas!

You have to check out bathrooms in interior design magazines, on the internet and in showrooms, so as to be able to find out what kind of Bathroom Refurbishment Geelong you would exactly like to have. Check the current style of your own house, and think about giving a makeover to your bathroom around the same concept.

Measure the space

When you plan a Bathroom Refurbishment Geelong, it is essential for you to measure the space in an accurate way. Again and again, check the measurements – given that every small inch matters – particularly if your bathroom space is a small one. You have to consider where it would be best to place the enclosure for your shower or bath, basin and toilet – so that there can be optimum use of the internal space. You have to pick products of the right style, which can make a lot of difference. You can have a bathroom that can last for a long time to come.

Consider the bath to install

During Bathroom Refurbishment Geelong, you need to think about the kind of bath that would be the best fit in your internal space. In case you have a spacious bathroom, you might like to have a separate bath and shower enclosure set up. You may try installing a lovely freestanding bath in your room’s middle. You can find such kind of baths in various styles and sizes, slipper style, contemporary and more. Double-ended baths come with bath taps set up in the center.

Add a storage space

If you would like to keep your toiletries stored in a proper way, and out of sight, it can be a good idea to add some storage space in your refurbished bathroom. This can ensure a minimal and neat appearance. With a vanity unit comprising of a basin that comes integrated, you can have an even better Bathroom Refurbishment Geelong. You can pick a wall-hung basin to get a very contemporary appearance for your own bathroom area. Your new bathroom space can also look more complete with finishing touches like accessories, illuminated mirror, heated towel rail and taps.

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