Fibreglass Pools Maintenance Tips and Advice

Want a low maintenance pool, go for the fibreglass pool option because not only is it easier to maintain a fibreglass pool, it’s cost effective as well. You can do all of this stuff yourself or hire a cleaning service, in any case it’s better to be in the know about the necessary upkeep for your fibreglass pool.

Cleaning your pool

Use pool cover whenever required, don’t slack on it.

Fibreglass pools have smooth surface with almost zero pores so it’s hard for algae to bother you but still if it does, you can shock your pool and your pool will be good to go in only 24 hours.

While vinyl will takes at least 3-4 days, concrete takes a week or so.

Use Skimming net, and a telescopic pole to get leaves, debris, insects and other floating objects out of your pool surface.

Be gentle with your fibreglass pool.

Fibreglass pools don’t need to be scrubbed hard and shouldn’t, because that could harm their gelcoat and even change the water chemistry.

Chem your pool up!

Proper levels of the following to maintain your pool’s water chemistry.

  • Free chlorine
  • PH
  • Calcium hardness
  • Cyanuric acid (CYA)
  • Alkalinity

Fibreglass pools are a great choice for low maintenance because they have an inert surface which means that their surface doesn’t interacts with water chemistry while concrete pools are alkaline based and you’ve to keep adding acid to maintain the minimum ph.

Save Energy & money

Every pool needs a good filter system but how much do you need your filter to run?

Fibreglass pools needs a filter to run full one circulation (calculate using a formula: Pool volume/filtration rate= Hours to complete one circulation) to get crystal clear water.

While concrete pools need two per day to maintain their clear water status, which is obviously a waste of electrical energy and your money.

Maintaining your water level

It’s highly recommended to keep pool water above the skimmer at all times. So that there’s always a little weight to balance out the upward pressure of groundwater.

In case for some reason, you have to drain your pool; don’t do it yourself. Take help from the professionals so that your pool doesn’t pops out of the ground.

And while we’re at it, it’s a good thing to have a fibreglass pool in such cases as concrete pools are most likely to pop out.

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