Progression of TV Technologies

Invention, Evolution and Creative Destruction of Television - THE WAVES

One of the most interesting questions in modern technology and society is “what is the progression of TV Technology?” It seems that each year a new form of TV is developed and sold. At the same time we see old fashioned TV on sale as an antique. The question is, “When will the next breakthrough be made?”

When we think about the evolution of Television Waterford in the past fifty years we can see a lot of evolution, but we also see many changes. Basically we can divide this progression by technologies that were in place when we were born and others that are still in place today. When we consider the concept of Television during the Second World War, it seems that we are seeing the beginnings of a new form of Television Technology. At the time the concept of Television was linked to radio but when the fighting ended the picture quality was changed. It was then used for battlefield communication and for tracking German soldiers through the mud.

We now know that these early Television inventions were groundbreaking in their day but they are still not as advanced as we would like them to be. One of the biggest areas of advancement is in the field of Electronic Visual Display. This means that Television is being developed for use in the home and for entertainment purposes such as watching Television programs. Advancements in Video and Audio Technological advances have also been made.

It is interesting to note that while the First World War brought a halt to the advancements of Television technology there have been several major advancements since then. For example when CRT TVs was first introduced, the picture quality was very poor and people were not too enthused by it. This ignited the “hunt” for a new Television technology but it was a long process. The result was LCD or Liquid Crystal Display televisions.

Some of the main improvements that have been made include LED Backlighting. This is a new form of backlighting that uses a different method than Traditional LCD. Another important Advancement is in the form of Digital Signage. This is a form of digital signage that includes images, animations and even video games Gaming Chair Cork on the sign. It is another form of technology that has helped change the way we watch Television.

The development of the Internet has also had a big impact on Television. It has allowed users to store large amounts of data in a way that is very similar to using a Computer. This gives us the ability to access TV and Film programs from any location with an Internet connection. The next step for Advancements of TV Technology will be the development of Video Gaming Systems. This will help create the next generation of Entertainment. See this infographic about the Progression of TV technologies by Irwin’s Megastore

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