Reclaimed wood expert’s advice for using them in construction

There was a time when wood was the main building element used for construction. During that time wood was available abundantly. But in recent days, due to lack of wood for construction, people are looking for reclaimed wood. A wood which is collected from old and demolished buildings is reclaimed wood. Salvaged wood should not be confused with reclaimed wood. Salvaged wood is the one which is cut and been stored for several years. In addition, this wood is highly durable and also gives a beautiful look to the place due to its texture and color. Its demand is also increasing in the present time.

As per the reclaimed wood expert’s advice, there are several questions you need to ask before buying a reclaimed wood.

Why should we use the reclaimed wood?

Main reason can be deforestation can be reduced and preserving the environment. This wood can be taken from any building, an old railway station or even may be old architectural building affected by invaders, which gives a special and traditional feel to your home.

How to resolve inconsistencies with reclaimed wood?

Hard wax oil or traditional wax can be used to finish the reclaimed wood flooring. Though this may not give the color as new wood but it will definitely add a vintage look to your home. Insect infestation can be avoided if you take precautions at the time of installation itself.

How to maintain reclaimed wood?

Like new flooring, reclaimed wood also needs good maintenance. Finishing of the wood flooring also matters in maintaining the floor. Do not drag heavy things on the floor. Maintaining solely depends on the usage and level of cleanliness.

Can more than one type of wood be used?

Different types of wood will be different in color and texture. To give a classy look, only use one type of wood instead of going for several types.

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