Restoring the shattered – A glass waste recycling story

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Glass is a very vital material of people’s daily lives. From letting in the morning light to being showcased on the display shelf, glasses have a very wide range of uses. But these glasses pose a great danger to the livelihood when in waste. Even in its most powdery form it can take away someone’s eyes if gets blown by a wave of wind. However, the modern dumpster services from licensed service providers like Dumpster Rentals in Sarasota, FL make all the necessary arrangements to prevent such situations with color coded dumpsters, written warnings and strong lids; still in the further stages. Glass recycling stays to be the only and most productive option. The below steps show, what a glass recycling process looks like.

Collecting the waste

Collecting the glass waste is the obvious step, but this is not any regular waste. Glass once shattered has highly sharp and small pieces lying anywhere inside piles or dumps or even floors. This is why, utmost care is taken while picking up glass and the picker must wear protective gear.

Sorting of glass pieces

Different glass pieces are made with addition of different chemicals for varying purposes. Therefore, sorting the glass pieces into sets of similar color and composition is important to ensure efficiency in recycling process.

Production of Cullet

Sorted glass pieces are then crushed to form ‘cullets’. These cullets are especially designed for meeting further requirements.

Process of De-Contamination

The cullets are expected to have contaminants like plastic, metal, paper or ceramic particles. These particles if not removed can affect the quality of the recycled glass.

De-colorization and Dyeing

The existing color of the cullets might not be suited for further purposes, therefore the pieces are required to be de-colorized and dyed to suit the further production requirements. The dying agents used for the purpose are Cobalt Carbonate, Zinc oxide, Borax etc.

Producing products from recycled glass

The resulting cullets from the process are used for new productions. They are melted, molded and reshaped into new forms.     

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