Tips to Optimize Market for Your Vacation Rental in Destin Florida

While the rest of the country is watching leaves falling from trees while sipping hot beverages this fall, Destin, FL is still enjoying warm weather. The terrible summer heat and humidity are beginning to dissipate, and the world is beginning to see crowds on the road as schools and offices are back in session.

This popular spot in Florida is ideal for a family vacation in the fall and winter. It is one of the most well-known beach resort destinations in the world. Destin, situated between the historic streets of Pensacola and the capital of Panama City Beach, has some of the most beautiful scenic beachfront property you’ll ever see.

Many people nowadays decide to invest in a second home. This second home is put on a rental that helps in paying the mortgage. How about setting it up for vacation rental? Tourists nowadays prefer vacation rental more than hotels. Everyone loves privacy and the reason for the vacation is to spend some quality time with family, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Therefore, they look for vacation rentals where they can stay according to their wish.

Vacation rentals are quite in demand among tourists, therefore the second home in a tourist destination like Destin is a wise investment. There are plenty of townhomes for sale in Destin. You can check the price, location, and amenities nearby on the website It is a one-stop shop website where you not only get the best real estate deal, but you can also find every detail including nearby restaurants, local eateries, things to do, boat rentals, booking tickets for the amusement park and museums, etc. They don’t make the booking, but get you directly in contact with the owner eliminating middlemen. 

Demand for vacation rental is increasing which is turning it into a full-fledged business. Increasing a portfolio’s size is a good way of boosting revenue.  Optimizing financial gain through the already existing property is usually easier and less hazardous. 

You can follow these tips to increase the value of your vacation rental –

Use Digital Platform to Market

  • It will be difficult to choose from such a large number of online sites. To maximize your listing’s exposure, you should list your property on platforms focusing on the market in which you’re located. 
  • Managing multiple online platforms will take a lot of time. If your home attracts families or groups looking for vacation rentals, then look for online sites where mostly families or large groups focus on booking. 
  • Check with the fastest-growing online travel platform, catering to tourists looking for short stays, last-minute bookings, and city lodging. 

Use Professional Image

  • First impressions are crucial. Listings the property with professional photos helps in earning more customers and bookings. 
  • Spend some money on a professional photographer for high-quality photographs. This will let you stand out from the crowd. 
  • Ensure you have at least 30 images of your listing, and arrange them in such a way that they highlight your property’s unique features and amenities. 
  • Include images of the inside and outside of your property and nearby amenities which will tempt tourists more. If you want to go the extra mile, include images of the neighborhood that makes your property unique and exciting.
  • Use advanced technology like drones to take a clear view of the entire location to appeal to tourists. 

Provide Appropriate Description

  • The description of your listing should be both enticing and accurate. Include basic information like the number of bedrooms, beds, and the number of guests your property can accommodate, bathrooms, square foot area, and additional floors. 
  • However, be certain to highlight the uniqueness of your property which is the location, Jacuzzi or pool, or a large yard.
  • The description should be accurate because you don’t want guests to book a room that doesn’t fulfill their expectations. 

Price Factor

When you first list and promote your vacation rental in Destin Florida, you must decide whether to charge per day, per week, or month. This may sound simple at first, as many homeowners just research comparable rentals in their area and choose a value that appears reasonable and competitive before deciding on their own. 

  • First, you should price and market your home at least a year ahead of time. The more time you give potential guests to view and reserve your home, the better. 
  • Second, make sure to price your home according to the peak, mid-season, and low seasons in your area (Destin is known to get maximum snowbirds). Those who optimize occupancy during the mid and low seasons usually have a significant advantage over their competitors. 
  • Keep in mind that major events in your market (e.g., festivals, concerts, shows, holidays, etc.) frequently generate a lot of rental demand. 
  • Don’t keep your price constant, but change them according to the number of days, weeks, and months a traveler stays. This gives them options to negotiate.

Accept Online Bookings

  • In a study, it was shown that the majority of travelers go on the internet for booking and to search for details on a vacation package, and this keeps on increasing every year. Therefore, customers should be able to communicate with you online.
  • Today’s travelers want the convenience of getting everything done promptly online along with security. Therefore, allow renters to book vacation properties easily and securely with a credit/debit card. 
  • The days of sending rental agreements and related checks are coming to an end, therefore accept online bookings and MasterCard payments to put yourself in a position to flourish and outperform your competition.

Guest reviews are one of the most crucial factors in your online ranking. It’s critical that you only get 5-star reviews on each review site. Many guests will not write a review, so be sure to offer a kind reminder when you keep asking them if they’d be prepared to leave you a 5-star rating. Negative reviews will significantly lower your ranking.

Marketing a vacation property takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re focusing on the minor aspects that your competitors may overlook. However, if you follow the advice mentioned above to increase your bookings, we’re confident that you’ll be able to over exceed your competitors and put a lot of money in your pocket.

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