Wet Room planning guide

Wet room shower design | Design considerations when planning a wet room  shower

It could be that you are bored with the existing design of your bathroom and want a new look. If this is what you have in mind, then choosing Wet rooms Newcastle installation will be a great idea. It is indeed a challenging and complex project to undertake. Taking the help of the industry experts will make it appear simple and fun-filled. 

Enhances beauty and functionality of your home

Wet rooms Newcastle when carefully planned and installed by the professionals will appear stunning. It will reflect your style and taste. It is also quite ideal for people experiencing restricted mobility such as the disabled and the elderly. The planning guide can help you to embark on your journey and to transform your home into a beautiful one. 

Why consider Wet Room

Installing a watertight room with a walk-in shower can be an amazing style choice, sure to be appreciated by everyone visiting your place. It also comes with practical implications. Getting in/out of the shower can be quite easy since there will be no shower enclosure or tray. Moreover, the glass screens are sure to add a sense of luxury that can be felt and viewed. 

Space occupied

You can select Wet rooms Newcastle based on the available space in your bathroom. You can fit the shower out any in any desired style. To derive that luxurious experience, you can install a shower riser system within glass panels. You can choose a frameless, single panel or more enclosed design. This again will depend on the available space. 

You can install a contemporary basin-mixer tap for that luxurious feel. It can pair well with a minimalist, modern basin.

Increases value

You can increase your property value by installing another shower room. Wet rooms Newcastle do offer high-value status since you will get that feeling of being in any top-class hotel or luxury spa. Although a bit expensive, it is sure a worthy investment and can offer better returns. 

While considering this design, you need to keep in mind the local building regulations. Some structural alterations or drainage system changes might require approval from the concerned government department. The certified professionals will have adequate knowledge of the same and can guide you to make the right choice. 

Essential materials required

It is essential to select the best quality and appropriate materials for the flooring and walls. This is crucial to create a sealed, watertight environment. Floor and wall matting will be necessary.

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