Wine Decor For A Rich, Elegant Atmosphere

Like the warm, rich look and atmosphere of a French cafe? Wine decor is the answer! Find out how transform your kitchen and dining area into the most relaxing and cozy room in the house.

Some people prefer the bright, cheery look of spring and summer for the kitchen. Others like deep, rich hues and elegant accents that remind them of a relaxing outdoor French cafe. If you prefer the latter, wine decor is definitely the choice for you.

It’s fairly obvious by the name that wine decor consists largely of accents containing richly colored grapes and vines, wine racks and anything wrought iron. With so many gorgeous accents awaiting, it’s a hard decision to choose just the right ones.

Let’s start with the dining room walls. To create the deep, rich, sensuous feeling in this room, a burgundy-grape colored wall paper border is perfect. Embellished with gorgeous red and purple grapes and luscious green vines, you have already added a very distinguished touch! Wine decor creates such an elegant atmosphere, you can almost feel it.

A few other accents you will want to be sure to use are wrought iron candleholders and an intricate wine rack. You can find these in many sizes, from a countertop wine rack, to a an extravagant size that will hold dozens of wine bottles! The larger will be a piece of furniture on its own, similar to the size of a china cabinet.

Add interest to your walls with deeply-hued grapevine pictures, surrounded by intricately carved frames. A French-cafe type clock is also a gorgeous touch. To complete the picture grouping, add wrought iron wall sconces complete with richly colored burgundy candles.

Your dining room table can be the focal point of the room! Use a richly textured material in deep hues with a lace border. A solid color works very well, and with the addition of a beautifully colored centerpiece, your look is complete. The centerpiece could contain a floral arrangement surrounded by more deeply colored fruits and greenery.

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