3 Tips for Summer Energy Savings

Summer is quickly approaching because the weather is warming up. Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine, but electricity expenses could be high. Here are three easy steps you can take this summer to reduce your energy costs. Relax and take advantage of the better weather!

Change the Lighting

One of the most frequent causes of energy loss in the home is lighting. Lights in vacant rooms are commonly left on when people leave the house or are forgotten to be turned off. This uses energy, produces heat, and increases energy costs by making your air conditioner work harder. One method to cut waste is to use LED lights instead of conventional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs last longer and generate less heat. You can also try closing curtains or blinds during the day to let in natural light and turn off lights when not in use. Using these easy steps, you may use much less energy and save a lot of money on your monthly bills.

Utilize Fans

The air in your home can become stuffy and uncomfortable due to the air conditioner’s drying effects and high operating costs. Fans are a much less expensive alternative to air conditioning and can even improve indoor air quality. Ceiling fans are good energy savers by producing a light breeze to move the air Because they move slowly and use little energy to cool the area. Fans may circulate air inside the home and keep you cool when it’s hot outdoors. They can also be used with air conditioners to reduce energy consumption.

Don’t Set the AC Too Low

Nothing compares to entering a cool, air-conditioned home on a hot summer day. However, air conditioning can be a big financial burden, as anybody who has been surprised by a high energy bill knows. Here are some low-cost ways to keep your house cool.

  • Start by making an effort to keep your house at a comfortable temperature that is neither too high nor too low. For every degree you lower the thermostat, your energy costs might rise by up to 10%.
  • Second, remember to close the vents in any vacant rooms. By sealing the vents, you may direct the cold air to the areas where you and your family spend the most time. You might not need to cool empty bedrooms or guest rooms.
  • And lastly, think about getting a programmable thermostat. With these devices, you may set various temperatures for various times of the day. For instance, you may set the thermostat to lower throughout the day when no one is home and then rise just before everyone gets home at night.

By adopting a few simple measures, you can keep your house cooler in the summer, but there are times when bigger problems need to be fixed. Contact Method Air if your air conditioner needs repair or if you want a new fan installed. We offer residents ac repairs in South Jordan, UT, and we can assist you in quickly getting your home back to a comfortable temperature.

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