5 Amazing Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard


Who says outdoor lighting should be basic and boring? Outdoor lighting is a great venue to exhibit your creativity. You can use different lighting ideas and techniques to add fun and excitement. It may be during a simple family gathering or on a special occasion. And, you may also use numerous kinds of light – from the simple string lights to extravagant outdoor led accent lighting.

Here are some amazing ideas you may try to light up your backyard.

Attach String Lights to Concrete Pole Bases

The use of string lights is a simple yet most popular choice for garden lighting. You may attach a string light unit from one end to another of two concrete pole bases. If you want to light up a fancy dinner with family and friends, you may put up several units over an outdoor table and chairs set up.

Make sure to secure all wiring when setting up the light fixture. Remember that the fixture has high exposure to the outside weather, including extreme heat from the sunlight plus rainwater.

Install an LED Ball Light to Illuminate Your Pool

A ball light is now a must-have for gardens, decks, and pool sides. It is the most popular kind of outdoor led accent lighting and comes in different colors and sizes. Most brands in the market are solar-powered. It makes the ball lights the most eco-friendly outdoor lighting.

Reuse Mason Jars as Accent Lighting

Utilize mason jars as outdoor accent lighting. You may insert rechargeable LED bulbs or tea candles to use as a table topper.

Another idea is to recycle it for a do-it-yourself string light upgrade. Carefully drill a hole in the bottom of the jar and slip the wire through it. Secure the connection and check if the jars are too heavy for the old wires to hold. If they are heavy, you may need to find a separate wire or additional string to support each jar.

Highlight Each Stair Step Using Small Spotlights

Place a small spotlight alternately on stair steps. It will emphasize the steps and at the same time, increase safety at night. Again, make sure to secure the wiring of the light fixtures as they have high exposure to the outside weather. If possible, consult a licensed electrician to fix the wires for you.

Bonus Ideas

  • Reuse tin cans to decorate string lights. You can paint them in different colors for a playful look.
  • You can put fairy lights in your vine trellis for a fancy looking garden.
  • Put lights under the picnic benches for a relaxed family barbeque night.
  • Revamp simple drop lights through putting white cloths that vary in size.
  • Cover string lights with cupcake lids. But, make sure to remove them after use to avoid fire.

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