If our ancestors once thought it perfectly normal to wear the same item of clothing 2, 3, 4 or 5 times before cleaning it, today the reality is very different! Let’s be honest: the washing machine is an essential appliance, and many people use it every day. The washing machine is household equipment that is not supposed to break down quickly or regularly. However, when such a situation arises, you can still try to repair your washing machine on your own, without immediately calling on a specialist. Let’s discover together how to proceed to emergency repairs.

Failures of the washing machine:

Your washing machine looks complex at first glance. However, you will certainly be able to resolve some minor faults without calling a technician. Always take the trouble to turn off and unplug your washing machine before doing anything. In general, a failed washing machine will exhibit one of the following behaviors:

start-up problem, noise or vibration problem, leakage problem, spinning problem, filling problem, draining problem, temperature problem, problem with the laundry, engine or drum problem and circuit breaker or fuse problem.

Moreover, you can check below the five sign of washing machine needs to be repaired:

“Messy” wash

The washing cycle is over, but your clothes seem as dirty as before? Do you use the right amount of detergent and the tub fills with water normally? Do not panic: this is probably a simple problem with the soap dispenser. Visiting one of our repairers will help your washer regain its cleaning properties – in other words, its raison d’être!

Stagnant soup

Without asking your permission, your washing machine decided to let your clothes soak in a questionable broth of soapy water? The drain and the pump are possibly responsible for this undesirable situation. Quickly call an appliance repair technician, and voila!

Involuntary dry cleaning

Is your washer not filling? Have you checked the inlets and the faucets, but the water keeps on staying in the pipes? Your device’s solenoid valves may be broken or blocked. To restore flow as soon as possible, call a professional.

Spinning: mission impossible

Your load does not manage to “spinner” properly, despite your attempts to balance the weight of the clothes in the tank? During the spin cycle, your washer rotates at the same speed as a lame or stuffed turtle? The verdict: she probably needs to have her engine or some other mechanical part repaired. Communicate with our team; one of our 50 service units will quickly take care of your damaged device.

Electro “possessed”

Your washing machine moves around the house? Does it produce abnormal noises, such as squeaks, vibrations, knocks or groans? Before bringing in an exorcist, call us! Several factors can explain – in a rational way – the change in the behavior of your device, in particular mechanical failures (washing engine, drive system, suspension, etc.).

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