6 Benefits Of Learning English In Another Way

When we talk about learning English or any other language, most people immediately think that they should study two specific aspects with great dedication: grammar and vocabulary. Grammar means decorating the nomenclature that describes the language, such as present perfect, past simple, passive voice, question tags, and irregular verbs. And each of them carries with it a set of rules, and it is understood that they must be memorized at all costs.

As for vocabulary, it is quite common to see students making huge lists of words separated by themes, such as rooms in a house, parts of the human body, areas of a city, objects, phrasal verbs, etc. After focusing on these points, they begin to memorize words that are more rarely used in everyday life.

Then, when faced with a sentence, whether in a text, music, or dialogue, these students tend to do a kind of “linguistic dissection”: to understand the meaning of each word, of each part separately and analyze the grammar of the sentence. In short, this is how the vast majority of people try to learn English, focusing on rules, nomenclatures, words, and more words, without considering an important aspect: the context in which they are inserted. And with that, a big problem arises, which is to arrive on time, whether in conversation or other language uses, and stop without having the slightest idea of ​​where to go or what to turn to. Learn more on https://xchangeenglish.com/course/toefl  about the toefl exam 

Advantages Of Learning English Another Way

The main advantages of learning English with our method, Overdrive:

  • Verb tenses are taught, on average, in the first 3 months of class; this makes learning easier to acquire, as it is not possible to communicate without using verb tenses
  • Grammar is seen as an ally and is taught in a practical and thought-provoking way
  • Language acquisition becomes more natural with the possibility of using Portuguese to clarify doubts and understand complex concepts
  • The content of the classes is focused on your needs, so you learn English with situations that you experience daily, helping you to establish and flow the language
  • Fluency develops naturally
  • Learning English becomes more dynamic and attractive
  • The “Overdrive” method respects the cognitive stages of the human being, as it is scientifically proven that children learn unconsciously, while adults have different motivations and cognitive processes.


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