All You Have To Know About Vinyl Floors

Do you need to renovate or change the floor of your house? One of the options that are currently very fashionable is vinyl floors. A material that until recently was quite unknown but is now on everyone’s lips.

What’s the reason for its success? The vinyl tile price [กระเบื้อง ยาง ราคา which is the term in Thai] is very affordable; it resists moisture; it is easy to place and maintain.

If you want to know more about its features and advantages, read on!

Types, Textures, And Finishes

There are vinyl floors for all tastes and in all styles. They are very aesthetic and perfectly mimic any material, with the advantage that they are much cheaper than a wooden or stone floor. As for its presentation, they can be obtained in rolls or square or rectangular tiles of different thicknesses.

They Are Placed On Any Pavement

It is one of the most important advantages. You can place the vinyl floor on top of the current floor you have at home, no need to remove it. What supposes a great comfort, added to the saving of time and money, and to the fact that it adds very little thickness, without generating friction with the doors. The only detail to keep in mind is that the ground needs to be level.

Fit For Kitchens

Stone or wood floors look beautiful in the kitchen, but they are difficult to maintain because they are exposed to stains and bumps; the vinyl floor is an economical and ideal solution for the kitchen since it is resistant to water, humidity and the logical abuse of this space in the house.

Also In The Bathroom

The bathroom is the most humid environment, so vinyl is a great option, due to one of its most important characteristics: they are non-slip. The only place in the bathroom where they are not recommended is the shower since soaps can damage it.

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