Basic building materials for building a house

Every construction or renovation, no matter the size, must go through some important phases. There is the choice of land, production of the architectural project and the purchase of construction material. In this post, we are going to talk more specifically about the basic building materials Conwy that cannot be missing during a work. If you want to get an idea so you can plan, stay with us. The structure is the support that will give stability to the construction. Masonry is the set of bricks, stones and blocks of the walls. Roofing is the part responsible for protecting the place and providing the thermal and acoustic comfort of the work. 


The structure consists of the foundation, pillars, beams and slabs. This is the part where you have to be more careful, because a mistake puts the whole work at risk. That is why building materials must be of good quality. Here you will need cement, mortar, concrete blocks, sand, crushed stone, wooden forms, rebar, nails, props, etc. You can buy 


It can be conventional or structural, but both fulfill the same role. Among the building materials, you will need cement, sand and cinder blocks or bricks. In addition to light boxes, PVC pipes, distribution board, mortar, plaster, among others.


You do not want to be out in the open, do you? Then you need a roof. The materials to build one are tiles, wood, beams, nails, water tank, gutters, flashings, rafters, thermal blanket, etc.


This phase brings together many tasks together, such as covering floors, walls and ceilings, in addition to wiring and painting. This is probably where you will need to buy more types of building materials. To finish the construction and give the entire finish, the materials range from the mortar for laying the internal and external coatings, to the paintbrushes and rollers, paint, windows, doors and switches.

Moreover, we cannot forget about the whole decoration part, which also comes in as a finish. Our tip is to make a list of all the building materials that you will need for the construction of the house before starting. Visit to your nearest store and buy quality materials at affordable prices. You can also search for the best builders merchant Conwy to do the job. They have a professional construction team.

In the end

The annoying thing is that in the course of the work, you may have to make more lists and need more building materials. Works do not seem to have an end, but they have. But you have to keep in mind that the important thing is to get organized, research prices in several stores and be patient, both when managing your work and when buying construction material.

All the materials mentioned in this post are the basic ones that most works usually need. What you will actually buy will depend on the project that was made for you, because each work and renovation is unique. What else can vary are the materials used in the finishing phase, but we hope that with this basic guide will you get the idea to start your work as soon as possible.

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