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All types of biohazardous situations can cause harm to the health of you or anyone you care about. You have to have the proper equipment and training to clean up the area the right way. As the professionals in the industry, we use the best procedures and tools to minimize the risk of infection from biologically hazardous materials. When you need the best local biohazard cleanup services, give us a call.

Hoarding is one type of biohazardous situation that we handle on a regular basis. Rodents, insects, and other creatures can take over a hoarder’s home and make it unsafe to live in. Their droppings and the fact that they carry disease in the form of fleas mean that they are unsafe to live with. We focus on helping hoarders declutter and sanitize their homes so that they are livable again.

We also handle sewage backups. This happens when sewage doesn’t go through pipes in a building the right way, and the backup can cause disease because it can carry bacteria and viruses. Even the odor from the sewage can harm people’s health because it can contain airborne pathogens and harmful gasses. When we clean, we will ensure that both the odor and the sewage are removed completely, and we thoroughly disinfect the entire affected area.

We also clean up buildings that were formerly infested by animals that left droppings. Even if the feces have not been disturbed for a long period of time, they can still contain pathogens. We ensure that the droppings are entirely removed and that the area is safe to use again.

Additionally, we clean up crime scenes, and we particularly work with crime scenes where blood has been spilled. Blood and other bodily fluids make a crime scene biohazardous, and we follow government regulations for the cleanup of biohazardous situations to minimize the risk of infection to anyone who enters the crime scene after we are finished.

We are a team of highly-skilled professionals who are certified in handling, removing, transporting, and disposing of biologically hazardous materials. You can depend on us to come in about an hour after you call, depending on the severity of the situation. We will make the area safe to use again, and that is often in just a few hours. However, we never sacrifice quality for speed.

We work discreetly and with compassion and integrity to preserve our clients’ privacy and confidentiality. When you need the best local biohazardous cleanup services, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

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