Call Us for the Best Biohazard Cleaning Services Memphis Tennessee Can Offer

Every type of biohazardous situation has the potential to be harmful in some way. They can all hurt the health of someone who comes into contact with the biologically hazardous materials present. The area should be cleaned and sanitized only by professionals to minimize the risk of infection. Call us when you need the best biohazard cleaning services Memphis Tennessee can offer.

One type of biohazard that we work with on a regular basis is hoarding. When trash collects in a home, it can draw rodents, insects, and other creatures, and the place is full of pathogens, like bacteria and viruses. The occupants of the house put their health at risk simply by entering the building. We take a step-by-step approach to declutter and disinfect hoarders’ homes so that the buildings are safe to live in again.

We also handle sewage backups, which happen when sewage doesn’t go through pipes and then overflows. The sewage can carry harmful pathogens, and even the odor from the sewage can cause harm to health. The odors can contain pathogens as well as harmful gasses.

Animal infestation is another problem because the droppings from the animals can still have pathogens. Even if the feces are left undisturbed for a long period of time, the pathogens are very likely still active, and breathing the air around them can also harm the health of anyone nearby without the proper safety equipment.

We also handle crime scene cleanup. After homicides occur, as well as after fights, traumatic deaths and injuries, suicides, unattended deaths, and other situations where blood is spilled and/or bodily fluids are leaked, we use the latest in equipment and industry best practices to ensure the area is disinfected. We partner with local authorities and organizations to provide the practical cleanup service those impacted by the incidents need to move forward.

Each of our technicians is well-trained and certified to clean up many types of biohazards. They follow the letter of the law around the cleanup of biohazardous conditions. All cleanings are thorough and are focused on detail as we take the responsibility to safeguard people’s health seriously.

Our work is discreet, and we safeguard our clients’ privacy as well as their health. We are sensitive to the situations in which they find themselves, and we act accordingly. When you need the best biohazard cleaning services Memphis Tennessee can provide, please get in touch.

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