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It is a traumatic situation when someone takes their own life, and those who are left behind are grieving and handling very difficult emotions. They are definitely not in a place to start thinking about cleaning up a suicide. That is why we work with local authorities and community organizations to offer the best suicide cleanup service Dayton Ohio has to offer.

Suicides may involve blood spills, and they may be deaths that are not discovered for some time. In either situation, when blood and/or bodily fluids have left the body, creating a hazardous situation. Anyone who enters the scene can be infected by dangerous pathogens contained in the blood or fluids.

We are a team of highly-trained professionals who understand how to clean up a biohazardous scene properly. Using the latest in equipment and cleanup protocols, we minimize the risk of infection by disinfecting thoroughly and following government regulations for the cleanup of biologically-hazardous situations very carefully.

Each team member is certified in cleaning up these biohazardous situations, and they correctly handle, remove, discard, and transport biohazardous materials to cut down on infection risks during and after cleanup. You can rely on them to disinfect and to leave no detail unattended to.

We know that our clients are in a difficult situation in their lives, and we respect their need for privacy and confidentiality. We work discreetly, and we typically finish cleaning in just a few hours. Still, the quality of our work is very high, and we never hurry through our tasks.

We offer a very practical service to our clients that can help them move forward on the path to healing. One of our main goals is to return a suicide scene to its original state. Sometimes, this isn’t possible, however, if there is an item too contaminated by blood or bodily fluids to save. For example, we may have to discard drywall or flooring, and it will need to be replaced by new material in the reconstruction and restoration phase of the cleanup. It would present an infection hazard if not removed. We do try to save as many items of sentimental value to our clients as possible.

We work with our clients to get through the difficult period of the cleanup of the death scene. We come within an hour of being called, and we provide the best suicide cleanup service Dayton Ohio offers. If you ever need us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

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