Carpet options for different areas of your home.

Carpet belongs to that category of upholstery that can bind all elements present in any room. Whether your room has a formal ambiance or it is used for solely leisure purposes, its carpet is always unknowingly a focal attraction. All the furniture present in that room tends to float around the vibes generated by the carpet.

 Here we shall see which carpet is best for which room since every room has its moods. Let’s discuss them briefly.

  1. Bedroom carpets. Carpets in a bedroom are solely used as a decorative element. They don’t serve any actual purpose since upon entering the room we all head towards the bed to retire. For this purpose, soft plush carpets are a good choice. They are made from nylon fibers that impart a nice shiny gloss to them.
  2. Living room carpets. We spend most of our time in our living rooms while reclining on couches or sitting on the floor and playing with our children or pets. Therefore the carpets there should be high in quality with durability as an added feature. Woolen carpets are known to be the best in quality and their fiber is very soft and durable because they are pretty easy on joints and walking on them isn’t painful.
  3. Kids bedroom carpets. Children and tough stains go hand in hand. No matter how much you train your children, the occasional spill or smudge is inevitable.  For tackling this issue, install carpets that are easy to clean. Again, nylon and synthetic carpets are the best options for a kid’s room too because they are easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Dining room carpets. Dining rooms are the most formal of all rooms. The carpets we choose to install there need to have a formal aura along with an added feature of stain resistance because dining rooms are impervious to spills and knocks. Again synthetic, olefin, or nylon carpets will work best. Another viable option is an organic material for the dining rooms. The wooden furniture of a dining room will work perfectly with cotton or jute carpets.
  5. Bathroom carpets. Bathrooms are home to the most humid environment in the entire home.  No matter how ventilated you keep them, they will remain humid and moist. Carpet options for bathrooms should be considered keeping this problem in view because improper treatments can lead to mold formation  which will deplete the flooring too. Therefore it is advisable to install waterproof carpets that look and feel like regular carpets but are waterproof.
  6. Kitchen carpets. Kitchens receive the most footfall as compared to all other areas of a home. Besides the footfall they also experience falls and spills too. To curb these problems, carpets should be sturdy and durable along with the additional feature of being easily washable.

This was just a quick guide to the right carpet for every room around your home.  See what works best for you and your loved ones.

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