Choosing the Right Modern Bathroom Vanities

Choosing the right bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for modern bathroom vanities that will fit in small spaces or you need one to add to an expanding master bathroom, there is a process to find the right one for your needs.

Consider Space: You will need to measure the bathroom before making a purchase. Think about how much storage and counter space you need and make note of the dimensions in the area where the vanity will be installed. You likely won’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to the depth and width, due to space in the bathroom, but you could have some freedom in selecting the height of the vanity. When considering the height of your vanity, also take into account any medicine cabinets or mirrors that may be already installed above it. For a smaller bathroom, vanities with a smaller depth are usually a good choice. Also consider any issues with shower doors or storage drawers when considering depth.

Number of Sinks: If you don’t have to worry about space when choosing a vanity, then you can determine which vanity is best by how many sinks you need. For a small space, then a vanity with one sink option may be best. Pedestal sinks will take up the least amount of space in very tiny bathrooms. Double vanities are a good choice for a family bathroom or shared bathroom but will generally need a width of 48” or more.

Mounting Options: You will need to consider how your vanity will be installed. A free standing one can also be known as standard and it is the most common type of bathroom vanity. It will resemble a buffet or chest and is a good option if you are trying to maximize your storage space. Wall mounted vanities will float or hang on the wall and won’t have legs that are touching the ground. This is a more modern style that can open up the floor space for small bathrooms. Corner mounted units are good if you are trying to save space. These have a 90-degree angle at the back so they fit into a corner.

Type of Sink: You aren’t just choosing a vanity, but also the type of sink you want. When looking at different sink styles, consider counter space and the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. An undermount sink is designed to be installed under the counter to give it a cleaner appearance. There aren’t any exposed edges, so this type of sink is fuss free. A vessel sink is a bowl shaped unit that will sit on top of the vanity surface and doesn’t require any undermount installation.

Customization Options: There are plenty of customization options available, in order to match the décor of your bathroom. Choose from different materials and finishes to give your bathroom a unique look.

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