Common Issues with Water Heaters

When you own your own home, rent, or have a business, then you need all the right appliances. Hot water is a big deal, especially when it comes to bathing, washing clothes, and even doing the dishes. You want that hot water right when you need it, and you expect your water heater to work well all of the time. Sometimes that water heater won’t work the way you want it to. There are some common issues water heaters can experience that can lead to a bad experience for you.

No Hot Water

If you’ve ever started your shower or bath and found out that there’s no hot water coming out of the hot water faucet, you know how terrible this can be. This can be checked by professionals. If your water heater runs on gas, the pilot light may be out. If your water heater is an electric one, then the heating coils certainly are not doing their jobs. Water heater repair such as this must be done by professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

Check Ahead

Sometimes there may not be enough hot water. When you’ve had a long day and you want a long, hot shower or a nice deep bath to relax, you want a lot of hot water. But running out can infuriate a person. This may be a problem associated with the thermostat or quite simply, your water heater may just be a little too small. To ensure that you don’t have a disruption in the amount of hot water you need or want, have professional look at the calibration of the thermostat and have them see what volume of hot water you can expect from your tank.


Some problems associated with water heaters is the water starts to turn colors. That can be a result of rusting and corroding inside the heater. The repair to fix this can be minor or you may need an entire replacement of your water heater tank.

You want your hot water to be at the right temperature. Some people have experience with their water as being too hot or too cold. The thermostat may just not be functioning properly. That can be replaced. If your thermostat is working properly, you may be facing sediment build up in the bottom of your water heater. Call a professional for expert water heater repair to take care of this problem.


A truly potentially devastating problem for a water heater is there’s a leak. Some leaks can be solved relatively easily and they can be an easy cleanup. But, sometimes the problem can be much worse. There are those occasions where your water heater can have a large build-up of pressure which can cause and entire failure of your water heater. Some water heaters in homes today are placed in the attic, and if that’s the case and you have a fast leak, you’re looking at a very costly repair bill. It’s not just the water heater that may need to be replaced, but you may be looking at some serious water damage to wood and walls that can result in major unhealthy mold growth. These unplanned events can put a huge dent in your budget.

There can be problems with any appliance, like your water heater. If you are experiencing little hot water, or no hot water at all, you need to have your unit looked at. Water heater repair should always be done by certified professionals who can make repairs last.

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