Creating an Island

Kitchen islands are an excellent addition to your workspace. If you are planning a kitchen refresh or renovation, you may want to consider adding one if your space allows. Before you begin, however, when it comes to kitchen islands, you need to consider a few things.

Do You Want It Immobile or Mobile?

Kitchen islands can be fixed in one spot or moveable. If you want to move the island, you will need to plan a lighter island or put wheels on the bottom. Locking caster wheels are a good option because you can lock the wheels when the island is in place, but you also have the option of using the wheels to move the island to another area easily. If you plan a large island that will be in one spot, you can use heavier materials and make it a more permanent fixture in your kitchen. You may even want to add a bar area, so people can sit at the island.

Which Materials Should You Use?

Consider how your island will be used. Do you want people to sit up to the island? If so, you will need an overhang on one side. This will also impact which materials you choose. If you want the overhang, choose a wood, quartz, or granite to make it stable. If you are using your island as primarily a prep station, you may opt for a cheaper material like stainless steel. Whatever you choose, make sure you consider the weight and maintenance of the material.

What Purpose Will the Island Serve?

If your island will be moveable, you have the option to use it for prepping food and for serving food closer to your table. You can also move it out when you need more room to move around the kitchen. If your island is fixed, you will have more options for storage and storing heavier equipment. You also have the option for the bar and for a larger work area in general. The purpose depends not only on your wishes and needs for the space, but also the amount of space available. You do not want a large fixed island in a tiny kitchen. Plan carefully depending on your needs and the space available.

Whatever you plan for your kitchen refresh or remodel, try to include an island. The extra counter space can sometimes be a lifesaver, whether it’s extra space for prepping or extra table space for a dinner party.

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