Decking Leeds

Are you here to build your very own decking in Leeds? Then, you’ve come to the right place. This DIY tutorial will hold your hand and guide you through the entire journey.

This article assumes that you are doing it yourself and not with the help of an expert. It also assumes that you’re aware of your building permissions and understand the risk that is carried with this type of job. And last but not least, it assumes you already have all the important tools with you to build a decking in Leeds.

Step 1 – Planning

First things first, you want to look at the area where you want to build your decking. Create a blueprint that perfectly caters to your desire. Having a blueprint helps guide your future moves such that you won’t be messing up as much anymore. This is absolutely important as one screw-up can cause a lot of damage.

Step 2 – The base

You could remove the ground or slabs to create a solid, even surface to work on. Even if it’s a little uneven, use a hammer to make it even. Remember to not making it too big anyway. You don’t want to violate height restrictions.

Now, you want to add support beams, which will act as the total area. These support beams will carry most of the decking in Leeds. Remember to have proper spacing between each support beam. You don’t want to go overboard with them. Plus, you’d also want to make sure they are placed properly.

Step 3 – Joints

We’ve reached the part where things begin to get more and more complex. You want to cut the support beams making them all of the equal size. Next, you want to connect them to each other. 

This step is optional, but getting some tape can help a lot. Attach tape to the front and side beams. What this does is that it causes the wood to be protected from water. Very useful if you live in a rainy area.

Step 4 – Decking boards

You want to make sure the whole thing is super secure. Any one problem can cause your decking in Leeds to collapse completely. Make sure it’s secure before attaching the decking boards.

Now, start attaching the decking boards on your decking in Leeds. You’ll need a screwdriver for this one and a drill, as you’ll be making holes, to connect the decking boards to one another. Once you’re done attaching decking boards on the entire thing, give it a little sanding.

Step 5 – Treating the Decking

Now, treat the decking correctly once done. This will help expand its lifespan. Paint it over with some paint to make it more colorful and tada you’re done! Congrats you now have your own decking in Leeds.

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