Different types of hand-painted jewelry boxes

A repurposed jewelry box could be a great addition to make a personalized gift or for home décor. You can customize your own jewelry boxes in your desirable way. To enhance its looks, you can use different color and materials that go with the box. But if you don’t have enough time to make it in your own way then you can purchase it from any online store or from any local market. Hand-painted jewelry boxes are very much attractive that can drive anybody’s attention and give it a royal look. Not only from outside but also its inner part is loaded with soft and attractive fabric and material to enhance its functioning.

Musical jewelry boxes

These boxes are truly charming and classic with small size and are mostly used for gifting purpose due to its decorative quality, unique and special items can be stored in it. Most of your valuable items like watches, rings and neck less can be keep safely in it because it contain multiple padded compartments for all your stuffs. These are manly made up of cardboard or pressboards and hand printed to give it a natural look.

 Stackable jewelry box

These are practical type of boxes loaded with trays that is stacked on top of each other. The upper tray has hinged top, and all other trays are of different sizes to store different varieties of jewelry in different trays. The interior of these boxes is generally made with soft fabric to ensure your jewelry security from scratch and wear and tear. These trays of these boxes are made up of wood and given a nice finishing with hand painting.  You can easily carry it with you at any place because it has a hinged top layer with strong wooden structure and soft inner padding.

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