Get the Most Out of Your Garage

Much like basements, garages are an often-overlooked part of the home. They’re predominantly used for utilitarian purposes such as storing cars and other things you wouldn’t want in the main house. However, if you make the effort to finish them, garages can be just as comfortable as any other room in your residence.

Find Your Ideal Flooring Solution

Possibly the least contemplated part of any room is the floor, unless it’s actually falling apart. Still, your floor is always there and it deserves its share of attention.

Nowadays, options for garage flooring have been greatly expanded. Most garage floors are made from a base of solid concrete to withstand the weight of a vehicle. However, many people choose to install vinyl or plastic tiles or mats over the concrete for a nicer floor. The major disadvantage of this approach is their tendency to take on tire marks, oil stains, and other damage.

A concrete floor is ultimately more durable and less work to clean. Exposed concrete needn’t ruin a nice garage, provided it’s properly sealed. The tried and true method is to install high quality chicago epoxy flooring, which is coated over a plain concrete foundation and gives it a glossy finish.

Invest In Insulation

As important as the floor is, the walls are quite literally what hold a room together. For a comfortable garage that’s protected against biting winters and scorching summers, the walls will have to be well insulated. In fact, if your garage is directly attached to your house, uninsulated walls can affect the temperature in the main parts of your home closest to the garage. Basically, you’re forcing your home heating and AC systems to run inefficiently, thereby wasting your own money and electricity. This is why in the long run it pays to insulate your garage.

Give Your Garage a Purpose

You likely wouldn’t put in the work required to finish your garage if you weren’t planning to do something constructive with the space. Depending on your hobbies and your budget, a finished garage can make a great workshop, studio, man-cave or she-shed. These interests will require further work such as running electricity to power your tools and equipment, or installing shelves and cabinets to house it. All in all, this is probably the most fun phase of preparing your garage for its ultimate use.

A garage can be much more than an addition to your home. With the proper work, you can make your garage into anything you desire.

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