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In Mississippi, wild hogs are considered nuisance animals. On Mississippi’s National Forests, there is no specific wild hog season; nevertheless, wild hogs may be hunted during daylight hours with weapons legal for the hunting season active at the time. Please familiarize yourself with the Mississippi National Forests’ Motor Vehicle Use Maps for each location. These MVUMs depict the areas where ATVs are permitted to travel. Some regions, such as the Delta National Forest, may require ATV permission. You can learn more about montgomery county land for sale. Hunting dogs must be used in accordance with the dog limitations in place for the game species in season. Details on permitted firearms for various hunting seasons can be found in the Mississippi Outdoor Digest.

On national forest area, tree stands and blinds are permitted, but they must be moveable and of a type that does not deface or injure trees. Hunters cannot keep exclusive rights to a hunting area on national forest lands because they are available to the public. Tree stands and blinds are subject to strict laws in Wildlife Management Areas on national forest land.

Is there a specific hunting area for physically impaired hunters?

Physically challenged special use zones on Wildlife Management Areas on national forest land are available to individuals who meet the conditions outlined in MDWFP Public Notice 3518. For permission application and further information, contact the MDWFP office. On national forest lands, baiting and hunting over baited areas to attract wildlife are prohibited. Only official workers are permitted to plant food plots on national forest territory. 

National forest boundaries are frequently depicted on maps. However, not all of the property within this limit is owned by the federal government; part is privately owned. The green land on the maps represents national forest land. The visitor can be sure that they are on national forest territory if they recognize these marks and border indicators.

When entering private property, visitors must follow state law and the owner’s requirements. Welcome signs will not be present when entering woodlands on public land, therefore visitors should rely on property line marks and boundary signs. Brown and yellow property boundary signs identify the boundaries of individual national forest sections that are contiguous to other ownerships. The little metal boundary signs are attached to trees or poles along the boundary line and at road crossings, and they are positioned so that public land is visible behind them. The boundary line through the woods is defined by red paint patches on trees.

Final thoughts

While most borders are established and posted, tourists may come upon an area where signs have been vandalized or lines have not been marked. Visitors should be cautious in these situations to prevent mistakenly trespassing on private property. Showers, bathrooms, and picnic spots are all available in developed recreation sites. Except in designated scenic places or where otherwise forbidden, primitive camping is permitted. Camping is only permitted in designated hunter camps in the Delta and Tombigbee National Forests during hunting season. In the national woods, you can only camp for 14 days in a 30-day period.

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