Home Air Freshening: How to Control Scent Strength

You have gone to a lot of trouble to procure just the right air fresheners for your home. Yet it is not long before you realize that the solution you devised really isn’t working. The air freshener in one room is overpowering yet barely discernible in another. And in some areas of the house, you still smell those odors you are trying to get rid of.

The way most air fresheners work make it impossible to maintain a stable, consistent scent throughout your home. Why? Because you have little to no control over them. Thankfully, there are solutions. They range from strategic placement of air fresheners to investing in a whole-home air freshener that connects to your heating and air-conditioning system.

Solid Air Fresheners

Although they are not as common now as they were a few decades ago, solid air fresheners still do the job in many homes. These are air fresheners that contain a heavily perfumed wax or gel that slowly dissolves over time. As it does, it releases scent into the air.

Most of these kinds of air fresheners twist open when you first start using them. As such, you control how much scent is delivered by controlling how far you open an individual unit. The more air allowed inside the body of the unit, the more quickly the gel or wax will dissolve and distribute scent.

Where you need more scent, open the unit wider. Where you need less, open it less so. Also avoid putting these sorts of air fresheners in direct sunlight or in areas where they will be exposed to heat. Both sunlight and heat will cause the gel or wax to dissolve more quickly.

Plug-in Air Fresheners

Your average plug-in air freshener takes advantage of essential oils or perfumes to gradually introduce sent into the air. Many have built-in controls that allow you to adjust scent strength but said controls usually don’t do a whole lot for you. If you find they are not doing anything at all, consider where you plug the units in.

One of the more important factors in controlling the strength of an air freshener’s scent is air circulation. So do not plug air fresheners into outlets located in low traffic areas. Use a hallway outlet. Choose an outlet near a cold air return or heat/AC discharge. Also, don’t plug units into outlets located on exterior walls. Even subtle temperature changes can affect the consistency of scent discharge.

Use a Whole-House System

The suggestions for solid and plug-in air fresheners can help you control the strength of your fresheners only to a certain degree. Because each unit is an individual piece though, creating consistency throughout your entire house is likely to prove difficult. The solution is to choose a whole-house system instead.

Zephyr Fresh is an example of one such system. Zephyr Fresh is more an HVAC essential oil diffuser than an air freshener. It connects to your home’s ventilation system to diffuse essential oil throughout your home whenever the heat or air conditioning goes on. Much like a humidifier, a whole-home air freshener permeates the entire home with scent rather than just concentrating it in certain areas of certain rooms.

It can be tough to control the strength of your air fresheners when you use solid and plug-in products. It can be done, but results are likely to be inconsistent. If you really want a stable and consistent scent throughout your entire house, a whole house air freshener connected to your heating and air conditioning system is the best way to go.

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