How Do Commercial Fire Sprinklers Work?

A commercial fire sprinkler system works as a team with a smoke alarm. When you combine the efforts of these two devices they protect businesses from experiencing severe fires. The main purpose of the commercial sprinkler system is to reduce any extensive damage if a fire does occur in a commercial space. This is why it is of extreme importance for a commercial building maintenance team to be on top of the sprinkler system in case there is a malfunction with the system. It is always good to have a good commercial sprinkler repair company on hand for any commercial business. 

The reason why is because if your sprinkler system malfunctions you want to get it repaired immediately. This is for the safety of your business and the people inside of your business. If the commercial sprinkler system is not functioning properly the business could be fined for breaking city fire codes. 

The Importance Of Commercial Sprinkler Repair 

Businesses and individuals who own commercial property must educate themselves on the importance of keeping proper functioning commercial sprinkler systems within their buildings. If they educate themselves they will understand that proper functioning commercial fire sprinkler systems keep employees and customers safe who are inside of their building. It also is one of the key aspects of maintaining proper building maintenance.

 Understanding the sprinkler system is important because commercial property owners will be able to budget for not only major repairs but for the general maintenance that is required to keep a commercial fire sprinkler system functioning properly. A malfunctioning commercial sprinkler system can and will be a disaster if a fire does break out and the sprinkler system cannot provide adequate water coverage to combat the fire. 

How Commercial Fire Sprinklers Function 

When you look at the numbers and statistics when it comes to sprinkler systems you will see that they are one of the most effective tools when it comes to fighting a fire. Statistics and studies have both shown that fire sprinkler systems have reduced death and property loss at a rate of over 65%. When a commercial fire sprinkler system is triggered it is not because of smoking but it is because of the heat that is carried up with the smoke. 

When a fire occurs the air above the fire starts to heat rapidly. This hot air then travels along the ceiling and once it is hot enough and reaches the sprinkler system it triggers the system to activate. There is usually a glycerin-based liquid bulb found in most commercial fire sprinkler systems. This bulb was put there because its purpose is to help in the activation of the sprinkler system. Once heated air comes into contact with the bulb and the heat is between 135 and 165 degrees it causes the glass to shatter and this activates the sprinkler system.  

Once the sprinkler systems are activated by the heat the valves open and pressurized water flows out. If the water that comes out of the sprinkler system is not pressurized the fire will have the potential to reignite because it will not be doused properly. One good thing about a fire sprinkler system is that it minimizes water damage that would normally be caused if the firemen had to come with the big water hoses to put the fire out. Sprinkler heads also function individually so in most cases when the sprinkler system is activated it usually only takes one or two sprinklers to extinguish the fire. This is the reason why the water damage is so minimal because the sprinkler heads usually only activate in the area where the fire is located.  

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