How To Arrange A Small Room

Your sleeping area is small, and you don’t know how to arrange it so that it is both functional and attractive? To intelligently optimize a small room, we present in this section some simple and effective tips.

The Choice Of Furniture In The Room

The Shelves

Properly installed, a large shelf can help ventilate a tight space. There is no need to clutter a small room with a multitude of furniture. A nice large shelf with a light structure may be enough to store everything: books, trinkets, accessories, small decorations. Also know that, you can still arrange your restaurant furniture (เฟอร์นิเจอร์ ร้าน อาหาร which is the term in Thai) in order to create enough spaces for your customers at your restaurant.

The Tablets

The shelves are ideal for adding storage space and freeing up even more space. They can be lifted to the ceiling without restriction. The use of height can sometimes recover up to 20% of storage space.

The Adult Bed

Very practical, the trunk bed allows you to slip blankets, pillows, and other bedding products. To enlarge the room, it is best to place the bed near the wall. As a dressing, we forget the vitamin patterns and colors; we opt instead for sobriety.

The Choice Of Colors In The Bedroom

We prioritize white or pale shades on the walls such as cream, pale yellow, water green, pearl gray, or sky blue. These colors reflect light and give the room a more atmospheric effect. It is also possible to use a bright color on a section of the wall and a lighter color on the other three surfaces or even to frame a window of a denser shade to make the room brighter.

The Choice Of Decoration Accessories In The Adult Room

In terms of decoration, we opt for accessories with sober and refined colors. A beautiful painting, two small lamps, cushions, a mirror to deceive the eyes are enough and help to make the space profitable. As for window curtains, we choose the light and airy or even not at all; it is more and more trendy. To add a note of lightness to the arrangement, one can place on a large shelf, for example, one or two plants or even some pale flowers.

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