How to Design a Smart Multifunctional Living Room in Scottsdale

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Scottsdale residents are adept at keeping up with the most compelling and transformative residential design and décor trends. Whether you visit North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, or Gainey Ranch, you’ll be taken aback by the sophisticated and serene aesthetic appeal of each property. 

And while homeowners here pride themselves on stunning exterior design, they’re equally invested in remarkable interior design. 

Over the years, multifunctional spaces have become a common sight in Scottsdale. Multifunctional spaces offer increased accessibility, storage, and comfort, among many other benefits. These facets are expertly integrated into a single plan. 

If you recently moved to Scottsdale, you should be well-versed in multifunctional interior design. We’ll help you cover the basics in this blog. Here are some tips to help you design a multifunctional living room in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

1. Make Smart Storage a Priority

Storage is one of the key components of a multifunctional space. If your space exudes aesthetic appeal but doesn’t offer sufficient storage, you’ll gradually start to resent it. Spaces with poor storage are more prone to getting cluttered and harder to maintain in the long run. 

Making smart storage a priority is one of the easiest ways to design a multifunctional space. We suggest installing more shelves and cabinets without letting aesthetic appeal take a hit. You can also use living room tables for temporary storage. 

Ultimately, your space will feel less crowded and more organized.  

2. Create Multiple Lounging Sections for Different Purposes

While conventional living rooms have a designated area for sectionals/sofas/chairs, multifunctional living rooms march to the beat of their own drum. 

You’ll find multiple seating arrangements—each spaced fairly apart. This helps homeowners utilize the space for different purposes. 

Arrange a set of sectionals/sofas/chairs in different areas of your living room. If you’re watching TV or reading a book, you could lounge on the central sectionals. However, if you’re in the mood for a bite, you could opt for a chair on the other end of the room. 

Experiment with different positions until you’re satisfied with the restructuring.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Bring Variegated Elements Together

Multifunctional living rooms are predicated on the belief that combining variegated elements increases interior convenience. If you visit Scottsdale properties, you’ll find yourself gazing upon eclectic combinations. In most cases, these integrations are designed with functionality in mind. 

Combining different forms of art or décor with furnishings is a great way to increase the functionality of your living room. 

It’s important to note that each pairing should be purposeful. Take a look at your living room and try to come up with unique ways to bring different elements together to increase functionality. 

We also recommend keeping accessibility in mind during this process. If your living room doors lack functionality, consider a replacement. 

Scottsdale has had its eyes set on the following interior doors this year:

  • Iron Patio Doors
  • Steel French Doors
  • Pocket Steel Doors
  • Steel Sliding Doors
  • Iron Glass Doors
  • Black Steel Doors

4. Leverage Wall Space 

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While most homeowners solely utilize wall space for aesthetic purposes, it’s also a gold mine when it comes to functionality. 

Master the art of designing a multifunctional living room by leveraging all the free wall space. Install mounted storage hooks to hang your clothes, keys, accessories, and other items. 

You can also get creative and accessorize your walls while enhancing functionality. 

For instance, this resident has installed partially three-dimensional wall art that’s reminiscent of a staircase. If you look closer, you’ll notice that the edges can be used to store objects. The installation serves two purposes—aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

5. Install Factory-Style Steel Windows 

As stated earlier, you can easily opt for combinations or new installations that maximize aesthetic appeal and functionality. Installing factory-style steel windows is one way to go about this. 

We also recommend indulging in a high-quality wrought iron entry door or steel front door to increase the functionality of your living room. 

About the Author

The author is a renowned door designer at Pinky’s Iron Doors. Over the years, they’ve created numerous designs, including custom iron doors and custom steel doors. The company offers extensive discounts to help homebuyers invest in their favorite doors and windows without breaking the bank. Their collection also includes single iron doors, double iron doors, and factory-style steel doors. 

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