How to install Fencing around your home?

A fence is a great way to keep your pets safe and secure. It can also help keep your property and premises protected from trespassers. You can hire a professional fence builder or even carry out fence installation on your own, if you have the time, energy and knowledge. Here is how to install Fencing around your home.

Choose the right kind of fencing

There are many different types of fences available from fence builder companies, including chain link, wood, vinyl, and electric. Each type of fencing has its own pros and cons.

  • Chain link fences are inexpensive and durable, but they do not offer privacy.
  • Wood fences are long lasting and strong, and many fence builder contractors suggest these, but this type of fencing requires maintenance. Maintaining a wooden deck is quite simple. All you need to do is clean it regularly. You can use soap and water to wash off dirt and grime.
  • Vinyl fences are affordable and easy to install, but they tend to rot over time.
  • Electric fences are expensive, but they provide excellent security and privacy.

Step by Step Installation Guide

  • When installing a fence, if you are working without the assistance of a professional fence builder, measure the length and width of your property first.
  • You should then determine where you want the fence to go. If you have a lot of space, consider having two fences installed side-by-side. If you only have a small area, you may need to put the fence in just one spot.
  • Next, decide if you would like to use posts or rails. Posts are easier to install than rails, but rails are stronger and last longer.
  • Once you have decided what kind of fence you want, you will need to dig holes for the posts and rails. Make sure to get permission before digging any holes on private land.
  • After the holes are dug, you will need to insert the posts and rails. Then, you will need to attach the top rail to the posts using screws or nails.
  • Finally, you will need to connect the bottom rail to the posts using hinges or brackets.


Building a wooden deck can be a DIY project, if you have the tools, time, knowledge and expertise. When on your own, you do not need to spend a lot of money to build one. You can save money by doing it yourself. However, if a deck building project seems to be too difficult for you, get in touch with a professional fence builder and obtain the necessary assistance.

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