Ideas To Renovate A Small Bathroom

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If you are upset because you have a small bathroom, then you shouldn’t. Bathroom renovations Gladstone can help turn your small bathroom into something extraordinary. You only need to have some brilliant ideas to give a complete makeover to your small bathroom.

Have the sink in a corner

You must install the sink in a corner that will save a lot of bathroom space to accommodate other things. It will also be easy for you to move around the bathroom.

Use shower curtain

Using a shower curtain will compartmentalize the shower unit from the toilet. It is a lot more hygienic this way and your bathroom will look well organized too. Shower curtains are better than glass doors as they save space. You can have a comfortable experience taking shower in the bathroom.

Place the vanity above the floor

You must place the vanity above the floor to save space. The vanity can be used to keep small essential bathroom items. You must also ensure that the vanity has a round shape. If the edges are sharp then you might get hurt when moving around, as it’s a small bathroom.

Use a larger mirror

Don’t put up a mirror that will only cover the vanity. You must have a large mirror on the wall so that more than one person can use it. A large mirror will also make your bathroom look better and attractive.

Towel bar on the door

Instead of using up extra space for putting on a towel bar, use the door for it. This will help to utilize the bathroom space well. The towel will be accessible easily that way as well.

Wall-mounted faucet

If you install a wall-mounted faucet then it will save your bathroom space by having a narrower sink of vanity. It will free up a lot of space and you will find it convenient using the bathroom.

These interesting ideas of bathroom renovations Gladstone can help to turn a small bathroom into a more convenient space. Due to bathroom renovations Gladstone, a small bathroom can have enough space to accommodate all the important bathroom features. For bathroom renovations Gladstone, it is necessary to hire a good bathroom renovation professional who can think of unique ways to find more space in the small bathroom. If planned well, a small bathroom can turn out to be equally good and functional as a larger bathroom.  

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