Installing the safe locks at your residence

In modern times if you are still using the traditional home safety and lock system to secure your valuable possessions at your home, have a look at the smart and sleek locks that are now available in the market at a much more affordable price.

These smart locks help to prevent the risk of burglars away from breaking inside. It helps to avoid burglars from entering your house and ensure that your valuables possessions are secured at your place. Let us check

some tips that the people in our era is opting to ensure their property is secured from the thefts-

Installation of alarm system

The installation of an alarm helps in avoiding almost 90% of the burglary attempts at your residence. There is a various option under alarm installation that can in users based on your convenience such as audible alerting alarm, monitoring alarm system, and the advanced mobile notification system.

Install smart lock system

The traditional lock can be easily converted into a keyless door lock or smart lock system by a professional locksmith. Smart locks are a convenient idea in terms of securing your valuables. Simply by using a touch screen code or mobile app the doors can be easily oped and locked.  The smart locks can be connected to the Wi-Fi to function with just a tab on your mobile or it can run on battery power thatcharges through wireless chips. Other functionality in the advanced smart lock includes the LED light and motor that locks and unlocksthe door. The activated motor in the smart lock uses power from the batteries to extend or retract the deadbolt and can be customised based on personal needs.

Lock away the valuables

When you have the valuables stored at home, ensure that it is securely locked away in the lockers. It helps in avoiding the chances of burglars reaching the gold, jewellery, money and documents.

The thief tends to check for things stored at the most obvious places. Hence thinking out of the box methods to store the valuables helps the burglars from reaching them easily. Never leave the jewellery unlocked or in the places that are easy to break, such as the locked cabinets or drawers.

Another option is to opt for safety deposit boxes for the storage of such valuables.  Also, have the safe verified for professional fitting by a qualified locksmith. The safe lockboxes cannot be easily carried away by the thief and even have to spend a major chunk on getting it opened. To be on the safer side, anchor the safe to a secure object such as an external wall or solid floor.

Regular repair and maintenance of the lock

It is extremely vital to have a lock system installed in every door and window. Apart from the installation, ensure that the lock is repaired and maintained regularly. Make it a routine to check the lock system frequently.

Speak to the qualified, experienced and local locksmith who can guide you on the essential measures on the installation of secured windows and door locks to avoid the theft getting in when you are away from your residence for a longer duration.

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