Know the basics of Skip Hire

There are many who are found to hire skips for diverse reasons. It can be when renovating the bathroom, kitchen, or for the spring clear out. Skip hire in Camberley is now easy and quick as there are several companies in the region offering such services. But then, you have to make a careful selection.

Skip hiring booking process

Contact the reputed Skip hire in Camberley and provide them with a specific time and date. On this date, have the skip delivered. Also discuss and avail the desired skip size. The skip can be retained until it is filled completely with wastes. Once filled up, you may call up the company to collect the skip.  You may be required to provide them with 48 hours time to gather the skip.

Another service rendered by Skip hire in Camberley is ‘Wait & Load’ option. Here, skip is delivered. You can expect the driver to wait until you complete loading the skip with wastes. Then it will be taken away immediately. If there are piles of wastes that needs immediate disposal, then it is indeed a viable option to choose.

In case, no room is available for the skip in your property, then you may have to place it on the pavement or public road. For this, you will need to get a council permit or face penalties. You can take the help of the Skip hire in Camberley to arrange this permit on your behalf. A few councils however might require the property owner to be present in person to avail the permit.

Again, if you plan to use the pavement or public road to keep the skip, then it bears responsibility for it. Hence, you will have to consider attaching appropriate warning lights. Usually, such lights are offered by the professionals along with the skip.

Know the waste exceptions

Fill up the skip with different types of wastes generated at your home/office or commercial establishment. However, there are a few exceptions that should not be thrown in the skip. It includes gas canisters, aerosols, televisions, computer monitors, food waste, full paint cans, freezers, fridges or tires.

What to avoid?

Do not overload the skip as it may cause unwanted issues when picking it up. It can also prove to be hazardous for motorists and pedestrians. The experienced Skip hire in Camberley will mark the maximum ‘safe level’ for wastes to be thrown the skip.

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