Landfill sites for rubbish removal in London could be full by 2026

London’s homes and businesses produce more than seven-million tonnes of rubbish every single year. Getting rid of this waste already costs over two-billion pounds annually – and it’s increasing. 52% of that total is now recycled, but with landfill sites already close to capacity, it is nowhere near enough to ensure that in the not too distant future, Londoners aren’t up to their ankles in rubbish nobody wants to collect.

Clearabee – a better way for rubbish removal in London

In the major towns and cities of the UK, it’s an expensive operation to get accumulating rubbish collected from homes and businesses. Just trying to get a builder’s skip onsite can be a major undertaking, due to strangers vehicles parked up and down the street. Then of course there are the adverts in small-ads or an online directory, offering very cheap waste disposal. A man and pick-up arrive. Throw your rubbish on the back, pocket the cash and job done. Job done that is, until the council employee arrives and wants to know why you’ve been fly-tipping your rubbish.

Some years ago, the clever people at Clearabee began looking at all the problems associated with rubbish removal and disposal in London, and how to solve them. Although the type of waste you require collecting will have some bearing on the container, Clearabee came up with the idea of the Beebag. The Beebag, (or skip bag) is an extremely strong, foldable container suitable for a range of waste types, which is posted to you within 24 hours of your ordering it (yes really). If the clearance project you’re undertaking is going to take three or four weekends, no problem. Just keep filling your Beebag. On completion, a phone call will get you a man and van turning up to collect your waste – often on the same day.

A comprehensive service for rubbish removal in London

Clearabee are more than just a supplier and collector of rubbish bags. They also offer a range of traditional builders skips alongside their most popular option of a man (or men)-and-van waste collection. Even without a Beebag, you can still get a Clearabee man-and-van (with liveried vehicle) to collect your unwanted waste materials within 24 hours.

How do Clearabee maintain such an efficient service?

Collaboration is the keyword to providing a whole range of efficient services, and waste collection and disposal is no different. The company has built up a nationwide network of small waste collection operators who pride themselves on being a part of such a forward looking company. Efficient rubbish removal in London is more than just having a comprehensive network of collection vehicles. Clearabee also work alongside a large number of small transfer stations, recycling centres, and upcycling centres dotted around the capital and further afield. So successful have they been with their radical approach to rubbish removal in London, that they have reduced their collected waste to landfill, to less than 10% nationwide.

Reduced carbon footprint – increased employment prospects

This fresh approach to managing rubbish removal in London, provides much more than a safer, healthier environment for the city’s eight-million plus residents. The greater emphasis on recycling and upcycling helps the city reduce its carbon footprint, while providing job opportunities as these small businesses expand their operations. With greater emphasis on repair and refurbishment of unwanted clothing, furniture and household electrical goods, specialist retro retail businesses are appearing, to cater for the increasing number of environmentally aware consumers driven by carbon footprint concerns, rather than owning the latest all singing all dancing gizmos. All this, stems from companies such as Clearabee, who take a different, more environmentally friendly approach to the management and disposal of your unwanted waste.

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