Minolta Dimage 7hi External Battery Pack

Minolta Corporation is a camera manufacturer that has a very long experience and a perfect reputation among the consumers. It entered the market of digital cameras rather slowly but surely and made a great success. Minolta’s Dimage digital cameras are developing a reputation for innovative technology in light metering, exposure control, and autofocus systems. Their lenses in particular have received high praise for their optical quality.
In the digital camera that has the name Minolta Dimage 7hi the company updates its revolutionary five-megapixel electronic SLR with an external flash sync connection, faster continuous mode, an “extra fine” JPEG option, and increased color space flexibility and the external battery pack.

Speaking of accessories, the Minolta Dimage 7hi digital camera can use an external flash, including macro ring and wireless flashes. Minolta’s 3600HS and 5600HS are the “regular” external flashes that work right out of the box. A close-up diffuser is also available.
The standard set of Minolta Dimage 7hi includes four very powerful NiMH rechargeables that was present in the original Dimage 7. Minolta Company estimates that you’ll be able to get about 120 minutes / 220 shots per charge and you can consider it to be an improvement. But if it’s not enough for you Minolta Dimage 7hi offers you the external battery pack.
Minolta Dimage 7hi external battery pack is very easy and convenient to use. You can simply slip it into its carrying case and clip it on your belt. And now with the Minolta Dimage 7hi external battery pack you’re ready for some serious shooting with your Minolta digital camera. One of the benefits of using the Minolta Dimage 7hi external battery pack is that you can take the batteries out of the camera. Maybe at first sight it wouldn’t seem too important. But if you shoot for a long time you’ll appreciate it. It may not sound like much but after several hours of holding it in your hand you’ll appreciate the reduced weight. (Please, read about Minolta camcorder battery chargers)

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