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Rotational Molding in the plastics industry. Few processes in the plastics industry have had as much growth and expansion as Rotational Molding in recent years. Much of this expansion is because this process offers high-quality products with great strength and durability. These characteristics are not possible to obtain with the other thermoforming methods, and the different industries seek profitability and practicality.

With the Molding, good results are achieved, and it is more profitable; beyond its profitability, it is about adaptable products. The adaptability of the plastic is not disputed, but with the Molding, many more advantages are obtained in many industries. Hence, more and more manufacturers seek to make the necessary adaptations to include it in their processes and products.

This process has come to revolutionize and to remain, even though it can be said that it is a novelty in the industry. Its use dates back to the 20th century, in the 1960s when it was invented, and unlike more recent processes, it has become popular. This popularity continues to rise, and more and more companies are including parts made by screw molding in their products.

Industries that use it

The use of the Rotomolding Process is very common in the industry of the storage of chemical products and other substances. This is one of those industries in which this process provides greater benefits, its durability and resistance make it perfect in this area. Water storage tanks, containers, fuel, and large tanks for transport are among those made with screw molding.

The automotive industry has been including more parts of tornomolding with this technique, fuel containers, armrests, and boards are manufactured. Versatility and low weight are two of the most appreciated features in this sector, and that justifies using the method in your vehicles.

Another industry that is increasingly demanding Rotomolding parts and products is leisure and recreation. All the playgrounds that proliferate in cities, towns, and restaurants are manufactured with this method of hollow and resistant structures also, garden furniture and outdoor parts that are made to withstand inclement weather benefit from the tornomolding.

Just like these, many other industries have seen that incorporating screw-molded products and parts reduces their costs and increases durability.

Aesthetics and functionality

Products made with screw molding go through a Custom Rotomolding process that allows design engineers to find the perfect molds. It is possible to obtain products with curved lines, geometric shapes, and delicate finishes at a better price and with greater aesthetic quality.

Products can be made in any size and style you want, since there are no limits on the number of pieces. They are not only useful, functional, and resistant products, but they also look harmonious and beautiful without further intervention. There are many examples of exterior parts and final products made by this method that can be mentioned. And they all have a nice, clean look, another added reason to understand why it’s the manufacturers’ preferred process.

To conclude, the tornomolding is a manufacturing process of durable, resistant, cost-effective plastic parts adaptable to any industry. That it has had a stage of expansion to new industries and has undergone significant changes to improve processes and resistance. The possibilities of use continue to grow and the quality of the products also.

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