Odor Removal Service: Fluid and Smell Removal

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When many people think of crime scene cleaners the first thing that comes to mind is blood. Yes, while these experts specialize in cleaning blood and other fluids off the crime scene, it is essential to also check other aspects that they specialize on. One of the less talked about is odor removal service. While things like mass shootings, suicide and other forms of death can definitely leave a mess, they usually leave a bigger mess after the body has been evacuated. In the case of an unattended death, the body decomposes and rots. Needless to say, crime scene becomes a lot more unpleasant when bodies are left to decompose, rot and fester. Unknowingly to many, a lifeless body discharges bowels and other bodily fluid. In addition to the blood spills, you have other unpleasant fluids to tackle. Most people don’t have the stomach for this. Besides, no one except for professional cleanup company and odor removal service should clean a crime scene after a death has occurred. This task should be left to the professionals only.

In addition to the skills and knowledge required to remove the unpleasant odor from the scene of the tragic event, these experts are well equipped. Of course, the equipment is quite expensive hence you can’t find it amongst the regular cleaning company. One of the equipment is the suit technicians have to wear before entering the crime scene. It is a one-time suit along with gloves and boots specially designed for chemical spills. Not only that, the suit comes with a filtered respirator that keeps workers protected from the toxins in the air. In line with the standard and policies, odor removal service comes with heavy duty bags specially designed to accommodate all unwanted and contaminated items at the scene of the event. Materials that have been contaminated needs to be properly disposed of to prevent the risk of spreading diseases to the general public.

Getting rid of bad odors from a crime scene is never an easy task. Odor removal service will first help to reduce the moisture levels and aerate to reduce the bad smell to the barest. Of course, you may likely see other cleaning and odor removal agents used by traditional cleaning companies but the major difference is that they are of higher grade and specifically created and formulated for odor removal and blood cleanup.

More so, odor removal service always brings quality disinfectants for blood clean up and highly specialized ozone machines to get rid of odors completely. Some sites might have human body parts scattered all over the place. Putty knives are used to remove body parts from the site. For instance, when brain matter dies and proves stubborn to be removed by putty knives, odor removal service uses steam machines to melt the matter. This way they can remove it with ease. Failing to remove these elements will make the environment unsafe for everyone. Rest assured that with odor removal service your home or business place will be thoroughly clean.

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