Real Estate Elevated Reviews: Is It A Scam Or No?

What is Real Estate Elevated?

Real Estate Elevated is a real estate investing educational program. Their education is based on the knowledge and success of Tarek and Christina, two highly successful real estate investors whose work is frequently seen on HGTV. Their first flip took longer than expected but they were able to turn a profit. Their mission is to share their success secrets with others who want to build a successful career in real estate investing.

How Does the Program Work?

Real Estate Elevated is a program designed to teach aspiring real estate investors on how to successfully invest in a property and turn a profit. Through investment programs, workshops, advanced camps, online resources, live mentorships, and one-on-one coaching. Many of the same strategies and tactics used by Tarek and Christina are taught throughout these training courses. These events typically won’t have Tarek and Christina there in person, as they are very busy and can’t be everywhere at once. However, members of their team will teach these various seminars and courses to help aspiring real estate investors achieve their dreams. Real Estate Elevated seminars typically run 2-3 hours and are held in select cities around the country.

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How Much Does the Program Cost?

The first event is free of charge. However, additional content and resources, such as training workshops, mentoring, one-on-one services, and advanced events are made available for purchase to those who are attending the event. The purchase of additional content isn’t a requirement. The extra content will be available to help those who are looking to further their knowledge of the Real Estate industry.

What Should I Wear?

Casual or business casual is encouraged at each of these events. Remember, dress to make an impression because there will be many networking opportunities. As long as you’re not wearing sweats and a cutoff you will be good to go.

Will There Be Refreshments?

Yes, light snacks will be provided at the event. Those typically include nuts, granola, candy bars, etc.

Are Children Allowed at These Events

There will be a good amount of educational material being talked about during each course. Parents are encouraged to make arrangements for their children prior to the event. Real Estate Elevated wants to provide an experience for future real estate investors with little to no distractions.

Is Real Estate Elevated a Scam?

No. The training, course material, and real estate education all come from Tarek and Christina’s real-life investment strategies and business tactics they use in their own business today. Their goal is to help others achieve financial freedom and success. That doesn’t mean that success in this busy is easy. The goal of each of these workshops is to give aspiring real estate investors the tools they need to go out and be successful in this business.

What is Your Refund Policy?

Real Estate Elevated does offer refunds in certain situations. If customers would like a refund, they are encouraged to call 800-203-1274.

What are Some Common Complaints?

Some of the most common complaints are:

  • Tarek and Christina are usually unable to attend the events unless otherwise specified
  • During the program, other offers will be presented

During these events, everyone is encouraged to continue their learning and education through different programs that are offered. You are not required to sign up for these additional education courses. Real Estate Elevated wants to provide the best opportunities for those looking to further their own business. While Tarek and Christina won’t be able to attend every one of the events, members of their team will be there teaching the same material that helped both Tarek and Christina find success in the real estate industry.

My Opinion

Real Estate Elevated is a program that is meant to help aspiring real estate investors find success in house flipping. The principles taught during each seminar are very valuable. While you don’t have to pay for additional courses, they are meant to help those who are looking to build a successful business. Real Estate Elevated offers one of the best comprehensive programs that allow entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

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