Should You Have an Armrest or Not in Your Office Chair?

LÅNGFJÄLL Office chair with armrests - Gunnared dark grey, black - IKEA

Selecting to have armrests on your Armchair [เก้าอี้ อาร์ม แชร์, which is the term in Thai] or not has been a broad discussion for several years and there are actually two colleges of thought. The initial being that we need to utilize armrests as they support our upper limbs as well as reduce the quantity of weight down to our lower back when in a seated posture. The second being that we need not use armrests as they produce risk elements such as shoulder shrugging, contact stress on the forearm as well as leaning postures.

I would claim both of these colleges of the idea are appropriate, so the best response to the inquiry as to whether we must have armrests on our office chair is that it depends! Let me build on this mind and discuss a few scenarios. There are many, but these are the most common in my experience.

As we have already developed in this blog site series, the basic work desk elevation of 720mm associates to the seated arm joint height of a 6’2″ male, which indicates those of us that are not that tall having to adjust ourselves to fit the workstation. What that also suggests is that most of us are sitting as well low in our chairs in regard to our desk.

This causes bear shrugging, and, in this position, having armrests that support your arms feels quite comfortable since you do not need to hold your arms approximately type and use the computer mouse. This makes good sense. What you may not have considered, however, is that the armrests are supporting your arms as well as shoulders in a bad posture. So, whilst you may really feel sustained, you are, in reality holding this shoulder-shrugging position throughout the day. This produces stress across the neck as well as shoulders and also is a potential danger element for developing a musculoskeletal problem.

This is a training problem. You have not been informed regarding how to set up your workstation properly. When you are seated at the right elevation, elbow joints at work desk height, you will find the little requirement to utilize armrests, other than for a remainder break or entering, as well as out of the chair.

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