Steps for a bathroom renovation:

4 Key Benefits Of Bathroom Renovation | My Decorative

Do you want to have a new bathroom? Follow these expert tips to remodel it and success is guaranteed!

Aesthetics, savings, and comfort can go hand in hand when bathroom renovation Cairns. The key? Find the balance between your personal tastes, prioritize what is worth investing more in and what to save, and always think about comfort. With this formula, you will be right for sure.

1. Coatings that give amplitude:

It may be a cliche, but it works in bathroom renovation Cairns. It is important to choose your bathroom wall tiles with your head and not just get carried away by aesthetics. Getting the materials right can give you visual meters or, on the contrary, “eat them”.

2. A more comfortable dresser:

Do you want to give your bathroom a unique and personal look in bathroom renovation Cairns? Choose Silestone or Corian countertops and create the sink with them.

– Cleaner sink: Choose easy-to-clean surfaces and avoid delicate materials, which can easily be stained by perfumes or cosmetic products.

– The vanity unit: Plan it to be useful to you. If you choose it with drawers, that are fully opening. And in terms of measurements, think that the towels need 45 cm of depth and the gels, 15 cm.

3. Choose faucets that save:

If you don’t decide on one or the other, a tip: those with a simple design look good in all types of bathrooms. They are a safe bet.

– For the sink. It is essential that they save water. There are models that by simply moving the handle reduce the water flow to 50%. There are also taps that, in addition to water, save energy. How? By opening in cold water. This avoids heating water unnecessarily to wash our hands or teeth, for example.

– In the shower. The thermostatic is the best option to gain comfort and minimize water waste: save between 6 and 16% in each shower.

4. Choose the ideal screen for your bathroom:

If you are 110 cm wide, you can have a fixed screen without a door or profiles, the best option to gain light and space. If you have less, opt for a closed transparent glass partition and thin aluminum profiles – the best material.

Very safe. For maximum stability choose tempered or secured glass with a thickness between 6 and 8 mm.

Easy maintenance. Important: that your screen has an anti-limescale treatment, the water runs off, taking away the lime and dirt. It is a worthwhile investment. You can reduce the need to clean it by 80%.

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