The Benefits of Staining and Sealing Your Deck

You might like the way that your deck looks right now, so you might not have thought about applying stain or anything else to it. However, staining and then sealing your deck with a protective coating are two steps that you probably will not want to skip. Additionally, you can also look for a one-step product that will both stain and seal your deck at the same time. These are some of the reasons why staining and sealing your deck can be a great idea.

Make Your Deck Look Great

First of all, think about how you can improve the look of your deck by applying a nice stain. You can choose from lots of different colors; a lighter wood stain and sealer will work well if you want to enhance the current color and the look of your deck, or you can go with a much darker stain if you think you would prefer a dark look.

Cut Down on Future Maintenance

You probably want to enjoy your deck without having to put a lot of work into taking care of it. Once you apply a stain and sealer, you are sure to find that your deck is a breeze to take care of. You can spray it off when you want to clean it, and that should be sufficient to keep it in good shape for the most part.

Prevent Splinters

If you walk out onto your deck without wearing shoes, you probably don’t want to worry about your feet getting splinters in them. Additionally, when your kids are playing on the deck, you probably want to keep them safe from splinters, too. Although you cannot completely eliminate the possibility of splinters being a problem with any type of wooden structure, you can reduce the issue. Making sure that your deck is properly finished and then adding stain and sealer can go a long way toward allowing you to enjoy a splinter-free deck.

Prevent Damage from Moisture and Sunlight

Although there are a lot of other benefits to be enjoyed by staining and sealing your deck, too, the most important reason is so that you can protect your deck. You might have spent a lot of money purchasing a deck, or you might have put a lot of time and hard work into building it yourself. You probably want to make sure that your deck lasts for as long as possible without needing major repairs and without needing to be replaced.

By adding stain and sealer to your deck, you can help protect it from harsh UV rays. This can help you prevent your deck from cracking or otherwise being damaged by the sun. Additionally, you might already know that moisture can damage wooden decks and other wooden items over time, such as by causing rot. By adding stain and sealer to your deck, you can help make sure that it stays in good condition, even when it is exposed to the elements.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why you should stain and seal your deck. If you have a new deck, you might want to get started off on the right note by staining and sealing it right away. Luckily, if your older deck is still in good shape, it’s not too late to add stain and sealer to it, either. Either way, you can enjoy the perks above and more.

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