The Difference Between Active And Passive Solar Energy

Are you fond of saving energy and promoting sustainability? Introducing solar energy in your homes can be a good practice. Solar energy is a renewable form of power that has become increasingly popular due to its advantages over the usual electricity production. Install it in your home once and enjoy the lasting benefits. When talking about solar energy, there are two main types: Active and passive energy. It is essential to know the difference between them when you install solar power. 

So, let’s distinguish between the two types. 


Since the term “active” refers to moving parts, active systems use radiators and hot water pumps to trap the sun’s radiations and convert them into electricity. They employ solar collectors, made up of flat PV plates, that contain either a liquid or air as a conductor.

  • PROS

Active systems come in handy because of the following benefits

  1. Environment-friendly because of no carbon emissions.
  2. Easy to maintain and thus, cost-effective.
  3. No noise pollution since the solar panels don’t generate sound.
  • CONS

Active systems are not advantageous because of the following drawbacks

  1. High installation costs.
  2. The collectors might look unattractive to some people.


Being the opposite of active systems, passive systems don’t require external equipment. Instead, they capture the sun’s rays through glass windows and trap them to generate electricity. 

  • PROS

Passive systems offer the following benefits

  1. No external devices mean cheaper installation.
  2. Reduced utility bills.
  3. No solar radiations mean no harm to human health.
  • CONS

The drawbacks of passive systems include

  1. It cannot be installed in old architectures.
  2. It doesn’t work in cloudy weather due to the absence of sunlight.


By now, you might be able to differentiate between the types that suit you the best. It is your call to choose one. It would be best if you make proper calculations and select the one that lies in your budget. 

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