The different kinds of platform lifts available in the market

Lifts and elevators have become a crucial part of our lives, but we do not really notice them. They are used excessively around the world and they have helped to increase productivity and mobility significantly. Lifts have indeed come a long way and have evolved tremendously. In the late century, lifts were mainly steam operated and used for transporting heavy weight materials. Today, they are used by many individuals simply to move up different levels.  

Many buildings and even homes nowadays would require a simpler form of transportation just to transport individuals or individuals who are wheelchair bound around. This type of lift would be called a glass platform lift.

What are platform lifts used for?

Platform are mainly designed for individuals that struggle with mobility issues and have difficulty moving up a flight of stairs. Some models can cater to two wheelchair users and it provides great autonomy to users with their user friendly controls inside the shaft. 

Where can they be found? 

Platforms lifts are getting more and more common among commercial areas. This type of lifts are mostly used in low level buildings and where space might be a constraint, and thus the space is only able to cater for a small passenger platform lift for wheelchair users. 

They are commonly found in retail stores, commercial spaces, and even in restaurants. It is highly functional and economical compared to a standard lift. In addition, it does require that much space. 

What are the different types of platform lifts? 

There are actually many types of platform lifts that are designed for different specific purposes. 

EasyLift – The EasyLift has a maximum lifting height of 1250mm and can be installed indoor and outdoor. It is mainly designed for wheelchair users and users who struggle with moving up and down levels. 

FlexStep – The FlexStep is great especially when there is limited space available. This platform lifts combines both the functionality of a staircase and a lifting platform and it has an advanced control system to ensure smooth movement. 

Hidden Step Lift (HDN) – The HDN can be easily integrated almost into any type of building structure. When the lift is not in use, it can start to retract neatly below the floor. In addition, its user-friendly features uses the help of a lifting principle to ensure that the wheelchair always remain stable. 

Lyfta L – Lastly, the Lyfta L lift is able to cater up to 1000kg. It is useful in the commercial sector to cater for higher weight limits, where heavier loads need to be transported. 

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