The Top 3 Electrical Upgrades for Your Home

If you’ve ever entered a room and been impressed by the way it feels and functions, chances are, an electrician took care to thoughtfully design the layout. Specifically, layered lighting and accessible outlets are key to a livable space. If you want people to feel the same way when they visit your house, it’s helpful to know that a few professional upgrades can add comfort and a high-end feel to your home. Here are the top three upgrades that electricians New Braunfels can do for you.

Task Lighting

To brighten and modernize your home, task lighting is the place to start. For example, under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen gives needed light while chopping vegetables, measuring ingredients or reading recipes. Similarly, sconces around the bathroom mirror can provide the full illumination you need to prepare to look your best. An under-cabinet light over a desk in the office is another feature to consider. Switching up an older fluorescent light for recessed lighting often makes a world of difference. You can get more ideas by seeing what others have done, and asking your electrician what he or she thinks is right for your home.

Ambient Lighting

While overhead and task lighting are necessary for everyday use and safety, ambient light sets the mood. The easiest, most important upgrade you can do to achieve ambient light is to add dimmers. At night, you can softly light pathways with toe-kick lights in the kitchen and under-vanity lighting in the bathroom. The glow of a soffit light in the living room or over-cabinet lights in the kitchen can bring coziness and warmth to your evenings. You may also want to add lighting to paintings or glass shelves to feature sculptures or collectibles.

Additional Outlets

Especially in older homes, outlets may be sparse or ill-placed. Instead of running an extension cord or rearranging furniture, an electrician can easily install extra outlets right where you know you need them. This can also be done outdoors for a spa, sound system or lighting. Having enough outlets, and having them where you need them, makes the way you live every day much easier and more convenient.

Upgrading your home’s lighting scheme is an affordable way to increase its style and boost its practicality. Just remember this important note: While the addition of new outlets or under-cupboard lighting are relatively simple revamps, electrical work is almost always best left to professionals.

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