Persian carpet weaving has been around for over a thousand years. It was the first process to be exported from the country and has been used by many cultures throughout the centuries to create a variety of different fibers and styles. The art of weaving is one of skill, patience, and luck; however, certain things can help increase your chances of getting accepted by the market.

The Persian carpet is a historical and cultural treasure. Explore the timeless luxury of Persian carpets, discover how to identify an authentic Persian rug, and learn security measures that protect your valuable collections. The Persian carpet is a genuine Persian carpet that originated in the city of Tabriz in north-western Iran. It is a key textile product naturally produced in some sizes, shapes, and colors. This guide explores the history of Persian carpets, their designs, construction, and fabrics in an attempt to identify what makes this beautiful craft so special.


Fact-lying carpet is dust, dirt, and more – persian carpet is a carpet that is in constant contact with all your family members, pets, and everything you step on. The longer you wear it, the dirtier it gets especially at the rear or backside of the carpet. Old stains start to appear and new ones seem to appear too. This is because dirt accumulates under your feet, and hides in corners and other areas which makes cleaning a task for every household member as soon as they step on your carpet.

There are many useful tips to know about persian carpets, we compiled the most important tips and tricks for you to use to get a carpet that is the best fit for your needs.

The persian carpet industry is an extremely large and increasing sector. The carpet market extends to many different sectors and products, with carpets being sold in numerous segments, such as home furnishings, sofas, and bedroom carpets. The color of the carpet is not a very important issue. The color does not matter too much when you think about the lifespan or even the price. But, it’s important to know some tips and tricks which will help you pick out the best color for your living rooms.


Rules about persian carpet: being the most important carpet in your home, you must protect your persian carpet from any accidental damage. The following rules will help you do just that. Persian carpets are made from wool or silk, which makes them very durable. The distinguishing characteristic of this type of carpet is the large knots in the weft direction (the warp threads). The famous Persian carpets have a running design with solid blocks that can be counted and counted for special effects

  1. Persian carpet is the ancient art of making carpets and has undergone many changes throughout history. Nowadays, modern-day technologies are used in creating a Persian carpet.
  2. Manufacturers should have a license from the Iranian government to produce and sell Persian carpet
  3. If a store is selling Persian carpet with a price under a certain amount, then he/she needs to get a license from the Iranian government
  4. There is an authorized record system for Persian carpet

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