Thinking About Mobile Home Living?

There is a big movement towards mobile home living. Granted there have been people living in mobile homes for over fifty years. First, they were trailers, then transitioned to what is now called a mobile home. The stigmatization that came with living in a mobile home has long since gone away. While a mobile home can be moved, it generally does not get moved often, usually only once or twice in its life span.

Some people have concerns over living in mobile homes, such as, “Are they strong enough to withstand winds”? All newer models from 1980 on are made to withstand high winds, but not hurricane force. No home really is, so it is always wise to evacuate any home during hurricane warnings.

Other concerns are, “How are mobile homes built”? Mobile homes are built in a factory setting with an assembly line type construction. All the necessary building materials are already there, as well as plumbing, electrical, and cabinetry. It starts with a steel frame, then all the wood construction is added, with either 2 X $’s or 2 X 6’s, depending on manufacturer, framing, roof, electric, and plumbing, drywall, or wallboard. Next is cabinetry, and specific appliances, windows, and some siding. Siding is finished, once the home is installed at its a new location. So, as you can see, mobile homes are basically just like a stick built homes.

The only difference is, fewer permits and inspections are needed. When you build a new stick-built home, you have to have inspections all throughout the building process. Weather can make building a home, take forever. You must wait for each specialist to get done with each of their jobs, get it inspected, then move on to the next phase of construction, get that inspected, and so on. Mobile home construction is in a controlled environment, enabling inspection as it moves along each section.

It only takes anywhere from 2-7 days for a mobile home to be completely built. However, you do have to adjust the time for the lot on which you place it. Clearing the land, adding electric from the street, as well as water, septic, and or gas lines. These will also need to be inspected by your local city or county inspection officials. This is much shorter, about a month, than you are in your new home. Whereas a stick built, which can take at least six months, and more.

In the future if you need to do any repairs, don’t get stressed, it is quite simple. You can usually go to any mobile home construction supplies┬ástore to get what you need. One such company is Basic Comps Incorporated. They have all you need to do any type of repair to older trailers, mobile homes, manufactured homes, and recreational vehicles, as well. So don’t worry about repairing your new or older home, they have what you need.

Basic Comps has been in business since May 1986. Started in Elm Mott Texas. Starting out in a 15,00 sq. ft. warehouse, they have grown to a new 80,000 sq. ft. building in Mansfield TX. They have affiliates throughout Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Can’t get to one of these locations? That’s okay Basic Components shipped throughout the country, to ensure you get the parts, and materials you need.

Remember, when you are looking for mobile home construction supplies, think of Basic Components Incorporated, your one stop shop, for all your manufactured, mobile, trailer, and recreational vehicle home, repairs.

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