Tips to repair air conditioner issues

If your air conditioner is not working properly especially in the hot months then it can create major problems for you. You need to maintain your ac and for that you can do air filter changing, cleaning, and other inspections. If it has any issue, then immediately call an ac service. You can also contact the professionals every year, they will check properly and fix issues.

Here described are some AC problems and its maintenance tips that you should know about.

Air isn’t coming from the registers

If the outdoor fan doesn’t run then air will not come. In this case, breaker may be tripped and require reset or may be blower belt requires replacing.

Air conditioner is not turning on

There might be disruption in the power supply due to wire cut or check the thermostat and furnace power switch. If all are right then it clearly indicates that there are some issues with thermostat. Let the thermostat to cool and lay down the temperature and check the fuse or breaker.

AC is blowing hot air

Check the air filter for dirt as it can cause air flow issues or check that the outside unit is working properly to remove the debris and leaves that restrict air flow.

If your ac does not automatic cut off

You should not use the AC full time even in the hot season as it can lead to problem with fans. Turn off the thermostat fan as possible. Check the relay switches and refrigerant levels.

Noise from the air conditioner

If your air conditioner makes different types of noises, each type of noise indicates issues in the different parts. Squealing sound shows that the belt requires replacing or is improperly aligned. Popping sound indicates that the metal is loose in the duct. Grinding sounds shows the issue with motor bearings.       

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