Transforming Your Garden into a Summer Retreat

With the increasing cost of living and the fear of being infected with COVID-19 through plane travel, many people are cancelling their vacation plans. What many of them don’t realise is that an escape every so often is imperative to their health and wellness.

Trips, even short ones, can be costly.

This is a tough truth. Even though you know that a breakaway (even if it’s just for a weekend) will boost your physical and mental health, it’s not always possible. Often there are more immediate things that require a budgetary allocation: school fees, groceries, travel expenses, and utilities.

What to do?

Have you considered a summer house? No? You should!

Erecting a small log cabin in your garden may be exactly what the doctor ordered. It can be a space where you practice a hobby, exercise or enjoy an afternoon nap.

Let’s talk about costs.

Given that your endgame is to have a place to escape to after a bad day at the office, being shoved on the tube or because your kids are driving you crazy, you obviously don’t want to have a financial burden in addition to your current stresses.

Log cabin constructs are available in various sizes and shapes to suit every budget. You can start small, and build on as your disposable finances allow.

When you do the initial capital outlay calculations, consider what type of décor you’d like inside your retreat. Some themes’ furnishings may be more expensive than others.

Space constraints

Admittedly, some gardens are not large. If you experience this challenge, then erecting a small corner unit is advisable. If you can, add a small deck onto your summerhouse. This will create an illusion that the room extends outdoors.

In the summer months, you may even opt to enjoy a meal or a G&T on the deck, while enjoying the view of your flowers and their aromatic scents.

Have a defined purpose for your space, and stick to it!

We all know someone that had the best intentions to turn their garage into a hobby workshop; instead, it turned out to be a place where all the white elephants from the house live. It became a cluttered space – it’s original objective long forgotten.

If you’re going to use your summer house as a place to enjoy a spot of tea with friends, ensure that there are comfortable chairs on which to sit and some side tables on which to set the cups and saucers.

If it’s a quiet place to enjoy a nap you’re hoping for, then invest in a good mattress, crisp linens, and the right pillows. Add some lavender from your garden to induce a feeling of relaxation. If you have space, and money, you could add a small WC. The room could be used as a guest bedroom when you’re not using it yourself.

The primary goal is that your summer house needs to be a tranquil space where you can recharge your mental battery and build up physical reserves to face the next stressful thing life throws at you.

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