What is the lifespan of a freezer?

The most common question everyone asks before opting for a certain model of freezer is that how long will it lasts. This question is most relevant and needs to properly answer by the manufacturer. Because this is a way to motivate and satisfy a shopper for the purchasing the model you manufacture. Let’s talk about how industry is evolved over time and nowadays how much lifespan a freezer would have if you purchase a latest technology freezer.

On average, the average lifespan of an upright freezer or chest freezer is 16 years. Freezers typically last anywhere between 12 and 20 years. But with gas and electric ranges, freezers tend to be the longest-lasting kitchen appliances. But that’s not a guarantee! Because sometime, things get worse and your freezer will be the first one of your kitchen appliances to ditch. There are certain factors that influence how long your freezers will last, including maintenance and environmental factors. But you need to properly study the owner’s manual and operating temperatures for proper care of your freezer, so as to make sure to keep it cool for a long time.

The next question that comes to anyone’s mind is that how would you estimate the life expectancy of tell the lifespan of your freezer. There are certain factors that will contribute to determine the lifespan of your freezer. Let’s have an idea about those factors. If you came to know that average life of the freezer is 16 years, you might think what does it say about the freezer in your home? Did you purchase an average freezer or it might break sooner than most. Let’s analyze some factors that it depends on. The first such factor is Quality. Upscale or luxury freezer models are assumed to last longer than units without top-of-the-line parts. Additionally, mini freezers might not last as long as full-size freezers or freezers.


The next concern is Maintenance. The 16-year average life of a freezer will only hold and stay true for freezer if it is properly maintained throughout its lifespan. Some maintenance tips in this regard might be helpful for you as this will help you to better understand your freezer. Another concern this is obvious is Repairs. Some appliance repair services use aftermarket parts to cut down their costs and take other “shortcuts” that don’t solve a freezer problem long term. This way, your freezer’s lifespan is reduced and you might not recommend it to others if it breaks sooner than it is expected.  The simplest solution of this is that consult your company oriented repair worker or firm and purchase from a renowned and quality company.

Usage and Environment

The last two factors are Usage and Environment. If you used your freezer incorrectly, it will wear out way faster than your expected it to be. Clear obstructions from the freezer vents, try to keep it between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and avoid overfilling so this has an ample space to preserve everything with proper care. Environmental concern is that you might not have a freezer in the garage, outside, or even next to a sunny window, this surely will reduce its lifespan. Keep your freezer out of extreme temperatures and humidity for better and safer usage.

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